This Town Crier Announcing the Royal Baby's Birth Is Now a Royal Meme

But it's not what you think

Updated 04/23/18

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

When a commoner is born, the family's loved ones might get an email blast, group text, or even an old-school printed birth announcement with the news. But the royal baby—Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child, fifth in line for England's throne—was welcomed to the world in a bigger (and much louder) way.

After Kate Middleton gave birth to the new baby, a son, on Monday, a man named Tony Appleton ascended the steps of the Lindo Wing private maternity ward of St. Mary's Hospital in London to let the people know that the royal family had just gotten a little bit larger. A town crier by trade (though not, as Time notes, the official crier of the royals), Appleton has posted up outside St. Mary's time and again to proclaim a booming "Oy yeah, oy yeah" to announce the births of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and now Prince TBA.

With his three-cornered feathered hat, elaborate coat, and actual scroll, Appleton's pomp was just the kind of flair the internet loves to love. Those on Twitter were also quick to remind everyone that although Appleton certainly looks the part of an official town crier, he does make his announcements without any request or blessing from the royal family. "OH NO THE FAKE TOWN CRIER IS HERE! HE IS A FAKE CRIER! A FRAUD!" one Twitter user wrote. Still, some outside the U.S. are forgiving Americans for thinking the royal family might have requested their latest member be welcomed in such an old-school way, with one Twitter user writing, "lol at all the British people in my feed mocking Americans for thinking this fake town crier was a real tradition when we're talking in 2018 about the birth of the newest member of a centuries-old hereditary royal family believed to be chosen by divine right." Good point.

Official or not, Appleton will likely go down as one of the most entertaining moments of 2018 royal baby madness—on this side of the pond, at least.

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