3 Tips to Help You Propose to Your Boyfriend

Updated 10/09/15

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Ready to pop the question to your main man? You're not alone. Michele Velazquez, owner of The Heart Bandits, has helped several women plan the perfect proposal. "In my experience, women propose to their boyfriends for one of two reasons: She is tired of waiting for him to propose, or she doesn't believe in gender roles and she is ready to make her future happen now," she says. But regardless of your reasoning, you're ready — and now, you'll be armed with three tips to get the job done right!

1. Be prepared for some societal backlash.

In this day-and-age, it's more than OK to pop the question to your significant other. Think about it: Almost a decade ago, two of the four famous women of Sex and the City proposed to their boyfriends! And yet, some people can't keep up. "It's still the 'societal norm' for the man to propose," says Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert and author of Flirt Fearlessly. "Be ready to own your engagement story, and understand that people may have different reactions to it — and their reactions certainly don't make it any less amazing than a 'traditional' proposal."

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2. Tailor your proposal to your partner.

"Just as when a man proposes to a woman, the woman should consider what type of man she is proposing to," explains Velazquez. Does your boyfriend love to be the center of attention? Then popping the question in plain view of a crowd might be the way to go, she says, while an introverted man might appreciate a more private proposal. "Just keep in mind, you are proposing to a man, so unless your man loves flowers and candles, try to keep it masculine," Velazquez advises.

3. Buy him something to signify your commitment.

"I always wondered why men didn't get rings," ruminates DeAlto. Perhaps men don't don diamonds post-proposal because it's just not their style — or maybe some traditions can't be ignored. But even if you don't get on bended knee with a ring, "I would absolutely suggest buying him something," DeAlto says, suggesting a watch. There's no reason why yours can't be as romantic as any other engagement story."

Finally, if you need a final push of courage to propose, consider this: "Traditions are changing, and the world is accepting of so many different scenarios involving relationships," DeAlto says. "Why not embrace the ability to seize your future?"

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