9 Tips to Improve Your Sleep and Get Super Rested for Your Wedding Day

Wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to walk down the aisle

Updated 01/14/18


The night before your wedding (or really any night between the day you get engaged and the day you say “I do”), you might find yourself tossing and turning instead of peacefully drifting off to sleep. It might be excitement, it might be stress, it might be the sugar in that champagne cocktail you sipped at the rehearsal dinner. But whatever it is, it’s keeping you from getting the rest you need before you walk down the aisle. Even if you’ve been at the spa all day, being manicured and massaged to bridal perfection, the soothing music and tranquil scents are all in your rear-view mirror and may not be getting you any closer to those REM cycles now.

Every bride should wake up on her wedding day feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and better than ever—which is where Erin Berman, in-house expert at NECTAR Sleep, comes in. Yes, a great mattress will do wonders for your sleep, but there are a few tips you can take with you anywhere, from the hotel bed you share with your BFF on the eve of your wedding to the spacious suite you and your partner settle into on your honeymoon. Here are Berman’s insights into making going to sleep an immersive experience, leading to a restful and relaxing night in bed.

“When you create a full experience for your body, indulging your senses, it helps to calm your mind and get you ready to shut down for a few hours,” Berman says. “It’s all about comfort, whether you’re at home or in a bridal suite.”

1. Pack Your Favorite PJs

“Indulge in a pair of flannel or silky pajamas that offer supreme comfort, and then bring them with you on your wedding weekend,” says Berman. That feeling of home (plus a little luxury from those jammies!) will put you right at ease.

2. Put On Your Slippers

“Whether they’re the ones you bring from home or the pair in your hotel room, slippers make you feel cozy the second you put them on. Put them on as soon as you get to your room, and keep them by your bed so you’ve got plush comfort close at hand,” Berman says. Bonus: Your pedicure will stay extra fresh if you keep it off of the hotel room floor!

3. Set Out a Special Item

It’s all about making your room feel super homey. “Pack a photograph of your partner, your favorite throw blanket, or that pillow you can’t sleep without. It gives your room a personal touch and makes relaxing easier,” Berman explains.

4. Turn Off Overhead Lights

When you’re ready to unwind, turn on reading lamps and accent lights, then switch off the bright overhead lights. Says Berman, “This helps your eyes adjust and tells your brain to relax.”

5. Light a Candle

A small travel candle goes a long way. “Bring a small candle in a soothing color (I suggest white or lavender), and set an intention as you light it. The soft, flickering light will help set the mood,” says Berman. Buy the same candle in a larger size so you can use it to relax when you’re at home, too!

6. Use Aromatherapy.

“Whether it’s an incense stick, a pillow spray, or a diffuser with essential oils, a calming scent will create a tranquil environment,” Berman describes. Go for lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood.

7. Make a Cup of Tea

“Pack your favorite mug, a little jar of honey, and a chamomile tea bag from home, then use the coffee or hot water pot in your room to make a cup before bed,” says Berman. “The tea’s scent and flavor will help relax your body, and the comfort of a familiar mug in your hands will subconsciously ease any stress of being in an unfamiliar environment.”

8. Block Out Nagging Thoughts

The night before your wedding day is time to let go of the to-do lists—there’s nothing left to be done now! “Put on a soothing meditation tape or a track of a singing bowl, which will keep those pesky thoughts out of your mind,” Berman suggests.

9. Bring Nature In.

“Have fresh flowers delivered to your hotel room, and place them close to your bed,” Berman says. “The aroma will waft over you while you’re sleeping, and the scent and colors will be a pleasant first thing to see as you wake up.” Better yet, hint to your S.O. to send you a bouquet before you hit the hay.

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