Beauty Experts Share One Tip for Wedding Makeup That Lasts All Day

Marisa Holmes

Feeling beautiful on your wedding day is every bride's well-deserved right. Whether you're hiring a glam squad to do your hair and makeup or watching a ton of YouTube beauty videos to learn the tips and tricks yourself, figuring out how to keep your makeup looking perfect all day is something to add to your pre-wedding to-do list. To help make that happen, here is what seven makeup experts recommend as their number one tip for long-lasting wedding day beauty.

1. Line Your Lips

"Line your lips and fill in the entire lip with lip liner. Follow with lipstick (not gloss) and then lightly pat with a tissue before applying a second coat. Also, it's important to remember to apply lipgloss sparingly because gloss tends to take off lip color faster." —Michelle Bouse, founder of Beauty Boutique

2. Don't Rush

"As you've prepared for this day to come, I recommend not rushing by having your hair and makeup timed out so you can relax and enjoy the beauty process. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for makeup application on your wedding day. Also, It's essential to have your skin clean, exfoliated, and hydrated so you can achieve a flawless application of make-up." —Tessa McCullough, Makeup Artist at G2O Spa + Salon

Don't forget to wear a button-down shirt so you won't smudge your beautiful wedding day hair and makeup

3. Take Care of Oil

"If you are feeling oily, use a tissue or toilet paper to blot your t-zone instead of adding more makeup on." —Colgate Optic White Designer Smile Squad member, Marianna Hewitt

4. Make Your Foundation Waterproof

"If you already have a foundation that you love but its not necessarily waterproof, try priming the skin with Milk of Magnesia on a cotton ball (after you moisturize) to lock on the coverage for hours. This helps if you sweat a lot, get insanely oily or if you just want your makeup to stay in place all day!" —Beauty blogger, Nicole Williams

5. Go With Lip Stain

"For the perfect bridal lip, use a stain! You won't have time to re-apply all day and you don't want it rubbing off all over your new husband. Anastasia's new soft coral/pink in Dolce is the perfect color for a bride! Apply just before you walk down the aisle, layer with a sheer gloss for your photos and you're all set." —Celebrity makeup artist, Rob Harmon

6. Prep and Prime

"The secret to long-lasting makeup is in prepping of the skin, rather than the actual makeup application. Skin that has not been properly prepped will not be able to hold makeup beautifully. When you see makeup that starts to disintegrate with sweating and dancing, most of the fault lies in the skin preparation before makeup application. Always make sure that you start with a clean face. Wash your face and use a toner or cleanser to completely get rid of all dead skin, dirt or makeup residues. Moisturize your face (under your eyes as well) so skin is hydrated. Freshly hydrated skin will prevent makeup from drying on your skin & will help makeup blend in perfect for a long-lasting effect. Follow your moisturizer with a pore primer, that will decrease the look of pores, wrinkles, and lines." —Dina Ramon of TCBeauty Care

7. Layering Is Key

"Layering is key, if I have a bride who wants a look involving eyeliner I always trace with black shadow first, and layer with a gel or liquid to ensure the look lasts all night. The same goes for blush, I love layering a cream blush and powder blush, it gives dimension, texture and lasts for hours." —Lori Leib, professional makeup artist and Creative Director of Bodyography Cosmetics

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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