5 Tips to Coming Up With a Creative Wedding Hashtag

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"With social media taking over our social lives," says Kelly Heyn, owner of SociaLife Event Planning in New Jersey, "it's no surprise that hashtags have entered the wedding scene." Don't fight the hype — create an awesome wedding hashtag with these expert tips instead.

1. Use puns.

Everyone loves a good pun. Plus, "the best hashtags we have seen include a play on words," says Heyn. "If your last name includes common phrase or euphemism, try including it in your hashtag. For instance, if your last name is Wright, try using a hashtag such as #FoundMrWright or #WrightStateOfMind."

2. Avoid hashtag generators.

You've worked hard to make your wedding stand out, but using a hashtag generator can get your wedding lost in a crowd of couples' names. "Hashtag generators are designed to give the same options to every couple," warns Sarah Glick, wedding planner at Brilliant Event Planning in New York City. "This means that couples with common names share a hashtag with a bunch of other couples. Taking the extra time to brainstorm on your hashtag goes a long way!"

3. Try a rhyme.

Does your last name rhyme with a wedding-related word? Think: Love, wed, or hitched. If so, run with the rhyme, advises Heyn. "Including a rhyme in your hashtag will make it easier for guests to remember," she explains. "For example, think of #JenAndScottTieTheKnot or #KellyAndFredFinallyWed."

4. Include elements that describe your wedding.

Whether you have a theme or a destination wedding, something differentiates your wedding from the rest. If your wedding is in a different country, for example, "try using a word or two in a different language," suggests Glick. Also, "think about where your venue is — not just the physical name or location, but the actual surroundings — and what you want your guests to experience on your wedding day or wedding weekend, and incorporate these elements into your hashtag."

5. Include numbers.

Let's face it: "At this point, even the most creative hashtags may have already been used by another couple," says Heyn. So if you've found the perfect hashtag has already been taken, "try including numbers to set it apart from the rest," Heyn suggests. "Your wedding date or the year you are married is a great way to make your hashtag stand out. A great example is #EmilyWedsMatt2016."

Don't forget: "The goal for a wedding hashtag is for it to be short, easy to remember, and easy to understand," says Glick. "The ideal hashtag is no more than three to four short words, avoids hard to spell words, and uses capitalization between words as necessary to make the phrase clear and easy to understand. If you have to explain it to your guests, it's probably not a good hashtag."

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