Time Travel May Be the Newest Wedding Craze

No DeLorean required

Updated 10/30/17

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Everyone’s wedding is special but there is a new app that may actually make it out of this world. We’re talking traveling through the space-time continuum—or at least time. There is a now an app, Incubate, that allows you to send messages to yourself up to 25 years in the future and with a function called Incubate My Wedding, this could soon be a wedding must-have.

The concept is actually super simple, says the app’s creator Michael McCluney. “Just think of the inverse of Snapchat. Instead of sending disappearing messages, your sending messages to an exact moment in the future,” he explains. And don’t worry—this doesn’t put extra pressure on the bride to remind people to send a message to the couple or what they should say. Incubate My Wedding takes care of all of that. All the bride has to do is sign up and upload her wedding guests' email addresses. The app then sends them a series of fun and educational emails to get them up to speed. On the morning of the wedding, guests are given a few unique message ideas—once created, the world's largest third party storage company holds them for up to 25 years.

Incubate My Wedding App

Courtesy of Incubate My Wedding

So how did McCluney come up with this idea that is part Back to the Future, part pure romance? He says the idea came out of a conversation with his former college roommate. “His wife had just had triplets and his life was beyond insane," he says. "I suggested that he capture the crazier moments and share them with his kids at a point when they're old enough to appreciate it. He noted that his life was too crazy to keep up with such footage, so I suggested that he just send it to a predetermined moment in the future. The concept for Incubate was born."

Though it wasn’t originally intended as a wedding feature, it quickly evolved into one as soon as the app came out. McCluney says they started receiving requests almost immediately from brides all over the country. “They wanted help getting their wedding guests to Incubate their weddings so that they could continue to receive never-before seen videos and pictures for years to come," he says. "Essentially, they didn't want their wedding days to end." They created an extension for the app called Incubate My Wedding (for $299) so brides and grooms could forever have their weddings frozen in time.

And let’s face it, brides and grooms are often so busy and overwhelmed by their big day that they actually don’t get to see and experience a lot of it or remember it. “Every bride in history has said, 'My wedding day was a blur,' but now it doesn't have to be," says McCluney. "You will receive messages from the biggest day of your life from those who you love most, your wedding day never ends. And there is nothing more special that being reconnected with those loved ones for years to come."

Incubate My Wedding App

Courtesy of Incubate My Wedding

As Incubate My Wedding became more popular McCluney and team created the Future Booth, a fully functional 55" iOS pad that allows guests to send celebratory video and picture messages to exact moments in the future for the couple at the wedding—essentially a time-traveling photo booth! “Guests can send as many well-wishes as their hearts desire,” he says.

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