The Wedding Beauty Routine You Need to Start 3 Months Before the Big Day

Three more months! Three more months!

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Bridal gown? Check. Venue? Check. Glowy skin and shiny hair? Coming right up. You’ve set the date, and—admit it!—you have a countdown clock that scrolls in your head every single day (or maybe minute). The trick to not getting stressed out is using your time wisely and knowing when to tackle different projects—like getting your hair and skin right where you want it. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow schedule for your bridal beauty lewk. Here's when you need to cut and color, primp and prep, ahead of your big day.

Three more months! Three more months! It won't be long now until you (finally) get to say "I do" to your love. But first, you have some business to attend to and some to-do's to cross off your wedding beauty timeline.

With a mere three months to go until your wedding date rolls around, it's time to get your brows in line, banish those blemishes, amd zap any zits. Now is also the time to begin the process of undoing the damage from those years you spent soaking up the sun. And, finally, if the wedding-planning stress is evident on your face, here's how to make it vanish.

Behold, your bridal beauty checklist to kick off three months from your wedding day.

Undo Sun Damage

Man, did you love catching some sun during spring breaks. Man, do you have regrets now. To lighten spots and discoloration, try products with soy; we especially like the ones from Aveeno. If you’re inclined to hire the big guns, go for Intense Pulsed Light therapy to “treat redness and sun damage [like freckles] on the face and décolletage,” says New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman. (You’ll likely need two to four treatments, three weeks apart.) If you have discoloration and fine lines, consider nonablative fractionated laser treatments such as Clear + Brilliant or Halo Light for four and six treatments. (Something to bear in mind for the ol’ budget: One stronger laser resurfacing procedure can be equal to—and cheaper than—multiple low-intensity laser treatments.)

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Eradicate Acne

If you have spots and blemishes that you’d love to get rid of, try a topical treatment with zit-busting glycolic and salicylic acid, such as Murad Outsmart Acne Clarifying Treatment. You could also consider chemical peels that employ glycolic, lactic, and/or salicylic acids to treat hyper-pigmentation along with acne (you’ll need two to four appointments every two weeks). “They brighten skin, smooth texture, and help prevent breakouts,” says Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a dermatologist in New York City. “It’s a great way to treat back acne and is budget-friendlier than laser treatments on such a large area.”

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Soften Lines

You know those 11-looking lines that pop up between your brows every time your stepmother asks about the guest list? Botox or Dysport can get rid of them—along with crow’s feet and forehead lines. The results last three to four months and, when artfully injected, can also give an eye-opening lift to the brows. If you’re a neuromuscular-junction newbie, “try it out a few months before so you know exactly what to expect,” says Lara Devgan, a plastic surgeon in New York City. (Go in for a touch-up closer to W-day.)

Shape Your Brows

Wake up like this—if “this” means having full, symmetrical brows—without drawing them on. Microblading is like a semipermanent tattoo (that lasts six to 18 months), with “stroke-by-stroke, natural-looking, hairlike marks,” says Ramon Padilla, founder of EverTrue Microblading Salon in Chicago and NYC. He suggests two sessions, a month to six weeks apart; the color will fully settle within three months.

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