This Resort Offers Topless Bachelorette Parties

And we are here for it

Updated 01/31/18


Temptation is a topless resort in Cancún, Mexico.

When you hear that sentence, the first thing that comes to mind might be “gross” or “trashy” or maybe even, “That sounds like a great place to get a yeast infection.” Perhaps it’s just a nondescript eye-roll.

Well, buckle your seat belts because Temptation defies all your expectations. In fact, it could just be your party-girl bachelorette party dream come true.

This hotel is a well-designed, brightly colored, spring break heaven for people born in the 80s and 90s (Paris Hilton could have designed the place herself). Before I visited Temptation, I was kind of like, “Eh, I’ve been on vacations before that weren’t all-inclusive. Is it really that big of a deal?”

The answer after my trip: a resounding HELL YES.

All-inclusive resorts not only save you money (seriously, think about how much alcohol alone costs: $15 cocktails?!?!), but it saves you a headache. There is no Venmo, no “Don’t forget to bring cash!” emails, no annoying group threads where everyone tries to figure out if Michelle should split the bill with the group evenly, even though she only had a side salad. You skip all the stuff that make bachelorette parties suck. You buy your package, pick your bunk-mate for the three or four day trip, and all other worries are out the window.

There is a Bride Tribe package, $107 per night (plus lodging) and then and than an upgraded GLAM Bride Tribe Package for $268 per night (plus lodging). Depending on the package, you get things like: breakfast in bed, spa treatments, and a stripper (this alone is worth the extra $$ in my book).

You can also reserve a cabana by the pool for the ladies. There is a small fee, but take it from someone who once watched a sad bachelorette party at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale desperately search for seats together, only to sit in the baking sun alone—it’s worth it.

When I spoke to the general manager of Temptation, he said that the typical age group is around 35-40. I certainly saw a wide range of ages—I’d put it on the 27-37 scale.

I know, I know. What about all the stuff about being topless? Temptation prides itself on being sensual, inclusive, and fun. It’s not like your typical W Hotel or Ritz Carlton. This place wants you to feel liberated. It’s not a fully nude resort (which I was admittedly a little sad about), but is topless optional—an option nearly every woman was taking advantage of. Everyone was topless and no one cared. While I sat by the pool, it just became the norm. They are breasts, it’s not weird for them to be bared!

Here is why we love the idea of having a topless bachelorette party: You feel sexually liberated, but not weird. This scene is perfect for your sexually open friends, as well as your conservative cousin (who won’t be permanently traumatized) but your girls will still get a little crazy and have a fabulous time. And to be honest, fully nude really might be a bit much no matter who you are.

There are theme parties every night so, you and the girls can bring costumes (or not). There is something for everyone, even the pickiest of guests. Say your friend Lilly is not super into taking her top off, dancing to early Britney Spears and shaking her butt with a marg in hand; water sports (such as kitesurfing and snorkeling) are included as a part of your all-inclusive package. So, you and your ladies can feel free to take a break from partying and engage in some light antics of a more dexterous nature.

Everything at Temptation is decidedly not crappy (as one might imagine an all-inclusive to be). The food is delicious. There are six restaurants, all of which have private tables you can reserve for your party. Spa Rosé is luxurious. There is a full gym (including pole dancing lessons, if you should feel so inclined), shops, and a millennial dream coffee shop called Caffeine.

Nothing here is overtly or aggressively sexual. The general manager told me on my tour that they emphasis “sensual, not sexual.”

To each their own, guys, but I know where I’m booking my own bachelorette bash! This place will definitely facilitate your last days as a wild single woman by essentially recreating Miami Beach spring break trip 2009 (only even more topless).

Gigi Engle is a writer and sex educator living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Gigi Engle.

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