This News Anchor’s Boyfriend Just Proposed on Live TV

There was some major “ice” in the forecast

Updated 01/03/18

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Illinois news anchor Evie Allen was doing her usual morning newscast on New Year's Day when she had an unexpected surprise: a proposal from her boyfriend—on live TV.

The WSIL-TV reporter and her co-anchor, Tony, were preparing for the weather report when Tony announced, “We’re getting some reports of ice. In fact, I believe that ice is coming around the corner as we speak. You might want to be wary of this.” Though the “ice” he was referring to was not the frozen kind Allen was expecting....

As Tony finished his cue, Allen’s boyfriend turned the corner with a bouquet of flowers and a diamond ring. Yes, that kind of ice.

Allen’s boyfriend wished her a happy New Year before dropping down on one knee.

“You know that I love you and I had something I wanted to ask you,” he said as Allen tearfully nodded, then added, “So, Evie, will you marry me?”

After a long, teary-eyed pause from Allen and a close-up on her new sparkler, Allen replied to her now-fiancé, “Of course I’ll marry you.”

You can watch the entire romantic clip here.

Though Tony and the rest of the news team had to get back to reporting the actual weather, Allen remained on air, grinning throughout the remainder of the newscast.

“Hope this warms you up a little bit,” Tony said to the viewers as he transitioned back into the weather report. “A great little surprise we had this morning.”

Later, Allen shared the news on Twitter, with a sweet photo of her new fiancé and the caption “First Tweet of 2018!!! I’m getting married!!”

We hope it’s nothing but sunny skies in the future for this adorable couple.

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