5 Things to Include in the Wedding Day Letter You Write Your Partner

In case you get writer's block

Melissa Marshall

On the morning of your wedding, as the nerves settle into your stomach and you’re finding yourself crossing the final items off of your wedding to-do list, one of our favorite wedding traditions is exchanging a handwritten letter with your partner. This letter exchange takes the place of spending the morning with the person you’re about to marry and instead, lets both of you take some alone time to prepare (and get glammed up for the big day), solo, before seeing each other later in the day for the first look.

So what belongs inside the letter? Make the words, the stories, the promises, and the memories that you jot down be personal and heart thumping so that your partner not only has a keepsake item to hold onto once the big day is over, but also something to make them smile before the big day actually begins.

Read on to find out the five things to include in the special wedding day letter you pen for your partner’s eyes and their eyes only.

What to Write in Your Wedding Day Letter
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1. Your Reason Why

When your partner starts reading the letter, one of the very first things you want to write is your reason for loving them unconditionally and your reason for wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. It sounds like a mushy way to start the letter but it’s a great way to begin your wedding day. Your partner can spend a couple of minutes basking in all of the reasons why you feel committed, confident, and connected to them.

2. Your Hope for the Day

One thing that’s certain about the wedding day is that it will fly by fast. As your partner begins their day reading your words, add in a part about how you hope the day will go and what you look forward to doing together. Maybe your biggest hope is that you both get to enjoy every bite of the food and a slice, or two of cake, or you’re most looking forward to your first dance (that you practiced close to 20 times in your living room). Either way, share some of your hopes for the wedding day so that your partner can look forward to the fun ahead.

3. Your Promise for the Future

As your partner reads the letter you wrote on the morning of your wedding, one part that they’ll look forward to eyeballing is the part about your promises for the future. Some of those promises might be saved for the vows you read during the ceremony, but in the letter, go wild with some promises that are laugh-out-loud funny.

Promises that include inside jokes (like I promise to let you watch Sunday and Monday night football or I promise to let you use my Netflix account) can add some humor and fun to the letter and lend to the more serious vows you recite in front of your closest friends and family members later on in the day.

4. Your “I Fell in Love” Memory

Remember the moment you knew the person you’re marrying was the one for you? Perhaps it was on a specific date, after something they said, or because of an accumulation of things that happened over time. Recalling those memories brings the beauty of your relationship to the surface and lets you walk into the wedding day treating your partner to a spectacle of moments when your love first sparked and how much it’s grown and flourished since then.

5. Your Proudest Moment

A great way to end the letter is with a moment or two when you felt the proudest of your partner. Perhaps it was after they achieved a major life accomplishment or maybe it was when they found themselves closer to conquering a life-long dream. Either way, sharing a time when they inspired you, motivated you, or just made you feel like you’re with the kind of person that’s going to push you toward working hard for the things in life you desperately want is a wonderful way to breathe a final bit of energy and outlook for your future together, taking on the challenges of the world year by year.

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