10 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride on Her Wedding Day

Kristyn Hogan

It's not surprising that most brides experience "heightened sensitivity levels" on their wedding day. There are details to coordinate, once-in-a-lifetime moments to enjoy, and let's be honest, it takes a fair amount of elbow grease to get the hair, makeup and dress aisle-ready. In case you happen to find yourself around a bride on her big day, here are some phrases you'd be wise to avoid.

1. "You look just like (insert name) on her wedding day!"

Even if you think it's a compliment, every bride wants to feel like the single most beautiful bride of all time. Keep the comparisons out of the equation and instead focus on how ridiculously perfect and magical she looks.

2. "Do you mind if my kind-of-boyfriend/friend from out of town/coworker stops by the reception tonight?"

This is a wedding, not a casual happy hour. Unless you were given a plus one, the answer is a big fat no.

3. "Don't panic but..."

Starting a sentence with this phrase guarantees pandemonium. If a problem arises, mention it specifically and present proactive alternatives.

4. "No one will notice the details anyway."

While it may true that guests remember weddings in large strokes, someone better notice those tonal ribbons tied perfectly on the guest favors. Someone, please!

5. "There's no way I can sit next to that person."

Here's a fun fact: seating arrangements are not done the day of the wedding. That means coming to the bride with a seating crisis the morning-of is probably a bad idea. Find the bar, and practice your small talk instead.

6. "How much did this thing cost?"

Whether you're referring to a specific element, or the wedding itself, it's best to keep cost entirely out of the conversation.

7. "I'm so surprised you chose to wear your hair like that/paint your nails that color/wear those shoes!"

Pseudo compliments are not welcome here. Unless you have something effusively nice to say, keep the commentary to yourself.

8. "You just need a few more drinks."

A flute of champagne to calm the nerves? Wonderful. Four margaritas before the ceremony begins? Overkill. Slurring your vows has never been very flattering.

9. "Why wasn't XYZ invited?"

Questioning how the bride whittled down her invite list is just awkward. Keep those thoughts to yourself and be grateful you made the cut.

10. "Well, you know 50% of couples divorce..."

Oh, divorce rate conversations, how lovely! As a rule of the thumb banish the d-word at all weddings you attend, and keep your focus on how wonderful the couple is together.

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