15 Things to Do as Soon as You Become a Bridesmaid

You've accepted the proposal, now what?

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The first couple of days of taking on your new role as a bridesmaid might make you feel like you’re on top of the world. You’re excited about a future bachelorette party trip to someplace exotic, looking forward to shopping for a bridesmaid dress, and eager to help out the bride with anything and everything she needs. But after a week or two, you might start to wonder what you should do next.

So after you’re done celebrating your bridesmaid status for a couple of days, turn to this list of the top 15 things to do as soon as you become a bridesmaid.

What to Do When You Become a Bridesmaid
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1. Set a Personal Budget

Being a bridesmaid can be an expensive role to take on. Take a good look at your personal finances and decide how much you can realistically spend as a bridesmaid for this wedding. If it’s less than you thought, that’s okay. There are ways to cut costs as a bridesmaid; for example, you can DIY wedding gifts instead of buying them from the registry, and opt to rent your bridesmaid dress rather than buying it for full price.

2. Ask the Bride for Details

Know exactly what is expected of you when you join the almighty bridal squad. Ask the bride how often she’s going to rely on you for wedding help and how involved she wants you to be. Get to know the details of her wedding plans so far, so that you’re fully In the loop on all things wedding.

3. Block out Time on Your Calendar

As soon as you know the date of the wedding and other important dates, like when the bridal shower or bachelorette party might be, block it off on your calendar.

Since you’ll be giving a lot of face time to the bride and the bridal party before the wedding happens, as soon as you know about important dates, write them down so there aren’t conflicts later.

4. Reach out to the Other Bridesmaids

The people who will be walking down the aisle with you on the wedding day will also be the people working with you to help out the bride before the wedding. Get to know the bridal party before meeting them in person. Send a hello email or even just a Facebook friend request.

5. Send a Thank You Note

Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a stellar honor, even if it’s something you’ve done so many times before for other friends. Don’t forget to let the bride know how grateful you are and how excited you are for the wedding. A thank you note or a fun little gift will help set the tone for your bridesmaid experience.

6. Give the Bride a Heads-Up

If all of a sudden you’re noticing that you don’t have a lot of time or money to contribute to the wedding process, let the bride know. Be open and honest about what you’re going through and the constraints that you have. That way, everyone will be on the same page and the bride won’t think you’ve gone MIA for a reason she can’t figure out.

7. Decide What You Most Want to Help With

If there’s a certain part of wedding planning that you adore, like helping to pick out decorations or creating the seating chart, volunteer your time to help make that happen. Let the bride know what you’re best at and what you’re excited to help with.

8. Save Some Cash

Even if you set a budget for your role as a bridesmaid, costs might pop up out of nowhere. In case that happens, start saving some cash on the side, even if that means enjoying one less latte or avocado toast a week during the wedding adventure.

9. Track Your Flights

If you live out of state or are going out of state for the bachelorette party, start tracking flights as early as you can. You’ll be able to get alerts on deals and price drops so you can grab the best price for your jet setting adventure.

10. Book Accommodations

Whether you’re booking a hotel room for the wedding night or accommodations for the bachelorette party, too, try to book your travel plans as early as possible. You can avoid last-minute price jumps and the headache over sold-out hotels.

11. Research Bridesmaid Dress Options

Even if the bride hasn’t decided what type of bridesmaid dress she wants you to wear for the wedding, you can start doing research. Look into rental bridesmaid dress services, dress stores with major discounts, or even styles that can allow each bridesmaid to pick out their own dress. Present these options to the bride and she may be thrilled that you helped with this task.

12. Help With the Engagement Party

One of the first main events of the wedding is the engagement party. Ask the bride if you can help with any of the planning, whether it’s with DIY decorations, thinking of a hashtag for the party, or even designing the couple’s specialty cocktail.

13. Toss Around Bachelorette Party Options

Think of five places the bride would love for bachelorette party options. If she’s unsure where to go, your research can be helpful. Also, look up places that would cater to all the bridesmaid’s budgets or have special deals for big groups.

14. Collect Fun Bridal Shower Games

Start looking into fun games that can be played at the bridal shower or get creative and make your own from scratch. Bridal shower games should be interactive, include the personality of the couple, and make all the guests laugh for an afternoon of fun.

15. Take Some Time to Relax

While it might feel like your role as bridesmaid means you’re constantly doing something, take some time to relax. Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work, but there are moments when you aren’t asked to do anything that you can revel in some much-needed downtime.

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