7 Things All Happy Brides Do on Their Wedding Day

Updated 11/15/15

Elisa Bricker

If you've ever been to a wedding where the bride looks less than pleased, you know it gets super awkward super fast for everyone involved. To avoid a bridezilla style meltdown and completely ruining the moment, adopt the habits of the happiest brides on their big day.

1. They goof off with their girls. Bridesmaids just wanna have fun and so do you! The happiest brides know how to let loose with their besties, cheers to the good life together, and jump on a bed or two as they get ready to say, "I do".

2. They hand over the reins to their wedding planner/day-of coordinator. Happy brides want to soak in every single moment. They understand that to enjoy their wedding the way it was meant to be, they have to relinquish control and allow someone else to fret over centerpieces and timeline concerns.

3. They stress about absolutely nothing. Bad weather can't even rain on a happy bride's parade. She's too darn ecstatic to be marrying her best friend, to sweat the small stuff and let the little things get to her.

4. They kiss the groom a little bit too passionately (and probably for too long too). A happy bride simply can't help herself when it comes to the first kiss as husband and wife. It's like something takes over and she totally blacks out the fact that there are other people present so she just goes in for it. So does he.

5. They turn into dancing queens. Even the shyest of happy brides will find themselves suddenly whipping and nae-naeing the night away — busting out moves they never knew they had in them on their big day. Try to pull a happy bride off the dance floor, and see what happens. We dare you.

6. They can't wipe that smile off their face. Seriously, it's stuck! Happy brides get their photos back only to discover that they're literally in the midst of laughing or smiling their face off (and not in a contrived way) for every single photo. They don't have to fake it for the camera because they're just so genuinely happy that they radiate from the inside out and it shows.

7. They eat. There's nothing worse than a hangry bride. Happy brides are fully aware that they must fuel their bodies, otherwise they run the risk of transforming into a bridezilla — passing out from a lack of food or too much alcohol — none of which are ideal outcomes if you ask us.

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