10 Things All Guests Love at Winter Weddings


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There's nothing like a cozy winter wedding in a snow-covered locale. But if you're planning wintertime nuptials yourself, there are a few extra things you may want to add to your list so that you can keep your guests happy (and warm) during your celebration. Whether you are hosting your wedding in a place known for its freezing temperatures or a place with milder weather, here are 10 things your guests will be thrilled to see at your winter wedding.

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An Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pit
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If your venue allows it, having an outdoor fire pit is a great late-night pow-wow spot for your guests. They can head there with their post-reception coffee or even a final drink from the open bar while the wedding reception is winding down.

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A Cozy Lounge

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Having an outdoor wedding in the winter may be something you've always dreamed of, and if so, it's important to also have an indoor alternative. Even if you have a heated, tented reception, having an indoor spot attached to it that people can warm up in is key if it's freezing or snowing out.

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Hot Beverages

hot cocoa
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In addition to an open bar, it may be a good idea to have a coffee and hot chocolate bar open all night. That way, guests can grab a warm beverage when they are feeling a bit too cold.

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DIY S'Mores

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If you're getting married in the winter and are looking for a fun dessert to serve, a DIY s'mores bar is always a hit. This is a great addition to a fire pit (see above!).

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Shawls or Blankets

Blankets for Guests
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An extra-added layer of comfort throughout the night is essential when keeping warm and cozy! Some guests may be colder than others, so having a pile of extra shawls and blankets for them to grab is a nice touch.

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Outdoor Heaters

Gwyneth Paltrow under a heat lamp
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If you’re set on having parts of your wedding outdoors, consider renting outdoor heaters to place around the space. That way, guests can kick the shivers and be fully present at your celebration. Even Jack McBrayer and Gwyneth Paltrow couldn't keep from huddling underneath a heater at the wedding of Scream Queens actress Trilby Glover!

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Comfort Food

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Keep guests warm with the kind of comfort food they are used to indulging in during the cold winter months, from hot mac n’ cheese to appetizer tomato soup with mini grilled cheese. There’s nothing like a warm meal to make them feel full and comfortable at cocktail hour.

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Cinnamon Sticks


There’s no better winter scent than the scent of cinnamon. Incorporate cinnamon sticks into centerpiece decorations, napkin holders, floral arrangements, or even with cocktails.

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Twinkle Lights

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The winter way to make your wedding a hit on Instagram is to have a wall of hanging twinkle lights so that people can snap a picture in front of it and use your wedding hashtag.

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Caramel Chocolate

chocolate favor
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When it’s time to cross party favors off your to-do list, consider packages of caramel chocolates as a sweet and wintery way to send your guests home after your wedding comes to an end.

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