The 4 Things Newlyweds Should Include in Their Reception Toast

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While the toasts that get the most attention before the wedding are those of the parents of the couple, the best man, and the maid of honor, did you know the newlyweds should really plan to make a toast during the reception, too? It's not a long one (that's usually made by the groom during the rehearsal dinner), but it's always a nice touch. So what should you make sure to say when you raise a glass during the reception? Our experts have a few ideas.

A toast by the newlyweds during the reception isn't required, but it is a nice touch — one that can also be useful in moving along the evening's events if need be. Here are a few things to make sure you include:

Thank Yous

Begin by thanking both of your parents, your families, and your wedding party for all the support they've provided during the planning process. If one (or both) of your sets of parents contributed financially to the wedding, be sure to thank them for hosting such an amazing evening in your honor. You should also thank your guests for traveling to be there with you!

A Word to One Another

You may have said a lot already during the ceremony, but you've been married for only a few hours, so why not gush for a moment about how happy you are to be married to the person standing next to you? A sweet aside will garner a few "aww"s from the crowd and remind everyone why they are there with you.

Whatever is Coming Next

Is it time to head from dinner to the dance floor, or for your cake cutting? As you wrap up your toast, let guests know if you'll need them to head to a different room, gather around the dance floor for the first dance, or stay in their seats as entrées are served.

A Toast!

Don't forget to end your toast by inviting guests to raise a glass. Toast to love, to life, to fate, or to your family and friends for coming to your wedding, then clink glasses and take a sip!

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