These Lucky Bridesmaids Held PUPPIES Instead of Flowers for Their Wedding Photos

Updated 09/20/16

Caroline Logan Photography

Being a bridesmaid can sometimes feel more like a chore than an honor. What with having to shell out major cash for the dress, makeup and hair, and that wild bachelorette party you barely remember, it's no surprise that when the wedding day actually comes it's sort of a relief! But not all wedding parties are created equal — and you're about to see why.

The bride, Sarah Mallouk Crain, works for a non-profit organization in central Pennsylvania called Pitties Love Peace, which was created to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. And according to Caroline Logan, the photographer who captured all of these adorable pictures, the bride and groom are HUGE animal-lovers, so they figured why not replace bouquets with a litter of super cute pups?!

"Having the puppies involved in the wedding brought so much additional joy to Matt and Sarah's day," Logan told BRIDES. "Though they weren't a part of the ceremony, they were involved in their portrait time. The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles."

Ummm, can we sign up for puppy snuggles please?

The pups the bridesmaids (and groomsmen!) are holding are a litter of Boxer-Coonhound sisters, all named after the original five First Ladies: Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, and Louisa. But the puppy we're most enamored with is probably Biggie Smalls — a nine-week-old Pitbull rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, and lovingly caressed in the bride's arms.

"Sarah has been with the organization from its inception, so it was only fitting to highlight this extra piece of her heart on her wedding day," Logan said. "Together, Sarah and her new husband, Matt, have a huge passion for rescue dogs."

The best part about these wildly popular wedding photos? These pups are up for adoption! Visit the Pitties Love Peace website for more info.

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