These Are the Most Pinned Wedding Cakes on Pinterest

Updated 08/23/16

If there's one thing that gets us really excited here at BRIDES, it's wedding cakes (trust us, we've tasted quiiite a few in our day!). And after hunting down the most-pinned wedding dress and engagement ring on Pinterest, it only felt natural to check out what the top performers were in the confection department. To be honest, we expected more "trendy" cakes to be front and center on the list, but it turns out brides still appreciate the classics. Sorry, our beloved geode cakes!


The wedding cake with the most pins (97,300 to be exact) on Pinterest is this simple, four-tiered cake that is adorned with pink and orange roses and covered in what appears to be a white buttercream frosting. But what really sets this minimalistic cake apart from the rest is what's beneath it — a wide chunk of a tree with the names Lindsey and Jake carved out of the bark as a nod to the age-old tradition of couples marking their love in trees for years to come. Too cute.

__#2: __

Coming in at 68,600 pins, this adorable — and totally DIY — naked wedding cake is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The spongy strawberry and cream tiers look beautiful in photos, but let's be honest, they look even better in our stomach. Nom.

__#3: __

Much like our top contender, this wedding cake beams with understated elegance. Covered in a wonderful layer of white buttercream frosting and topped with a bundle of fresh flowers, it's easy to see why Pinners have gone nuts over its simple beauty.


This cake is anything but simple, with blue orchids trailing the side of the five-tier treat and intricate frosting designs grazing the white fondant. It clocks in at a total of 63,700 pins, which definitely makes sense when you catch sight of the too-cute penguin characters on the left-side corner.

__#5: __

Again with the simplicity! We're totally crushing over the tiny frosting dots on this three-tiered floral cake. It looks like Pinners are definitely into it as well, pinning it 61,500 times.

Here are three other cakes who scored rave reviews on our fave wedding planning social platform:

The key takeaway to these rather revealing stats? Well, it seems the simpler the better when it comes to your wedding day dessert (and your wedding décor TBH). That being said, we'll NEVER say no to a naked wedding cake covered in fresh peonies or a cake painted in gold. To each their own!

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