Elizabeth Holmes Is Engaged: Here's What We Know About Her Fiancé

The Theranos founder is engaged to William "Billy" Evans.

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While Elizabeth Holmes was busy scamming the entire health-care tech industry (allegedly), she apparently found the time to get engaged! The 35-year-old Theranos founder is set to wed William "Billy" Evans.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Holmes's fiancé is the 27-year-old heir to the Evans Hotel Group, a collection of hotels in San Diego, California, founded by his grandparents. It's possible they bonded over their shared wealth or interest in tech, as Evans is an MIT grad who worked at Linked In, then Luminar Technologies, a driverless-car start-up. According to Linked In, Evans stopped working there in January—maybe to spend more time with his bride-to-be while he still can? Holmes is being charged with 11 criminal felony counts, including wire fraud and conspiracy, and could face jail time. Holmes has pleaded not guilty.

While Holmes is awaiting trial, the couple has been living large in a luxury apartment in San Francisco, according to Vanity Fair, and they even attended Burning Man together just days before Theranos employees were notified the company was officially shutting down. In their San Francisco home, they coparent Holmes's "wolf," Balto. As it turns out, Balto is actually just a Siberian husky.

Besides her extensive legal troubles, Holmes and Evans sound very happy together. She reportedly wears his M.I.T. signet ring on a necklace (a unique spin on the traditional engagement ring, perhaps?) and “the couple regularly post stories on Instagram professing their love for each other,” says Vanity Fair. Their accounts are private, but based on screenshots obtained by the magazine, they look blissfuly in love.

With the news of the couple's engagement, people are now speculating what will come of their wedding. Will they tie the knot pre-trial? Will Evans stick by her side? Will she wear a black turtleneck at the altar? Twitter has some thoughts.

“Elizabeth Holmes is engaged, Elizabeth Holmes is facing criminal charges, how cool if she was wearing an orange jumpsuit for the wedding?” one user wrote.

Others think the bride will stick to her signature turtleneck look. “A person i have known since the age of five is now apparently engaged to evil blood scammer Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos???” a shocked user, apparently from Evans's past, said. “Will Henry Kissinger attend their prison wedding??? WILL THE BRIDE WEAR A BLACK TURTLENECK????”

In case you need it, Holmes, we have a lengthy list of beautiful high-neck wedding dresses right here.

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