This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You and Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Here are his most requested wedding-day designs

Updated 02/09/18

Melissa Marshall

As far as fun reception activities to entertain your wedding guests go, this out-of-the-box idea truly takes the [wedding] cake. Meet Robert Fiore, The Wedding Tattooer. Add him to your guest list, and your friends and family can leave the reception with a permanent reminder of your big day etched into their skin. Fiore, a tattoo artist based in Pennsylvania, actually comes to weddings to tattoo brides, grooms, and their guests. Hire him and you'll officially one up your cousin with her reception photo booth.

Fiore's business, The Wedding Tattooer, operates like this: Fiore works with couples to create six to eight small and meaningful designs that reference everything from the couple's wedding theme and their shared interests to simple symbols of love. Then, Fiore sets up shop at the couple's wedding reception, spending 10 to 15 minutes per guest, tattooing two-by-two inch designs. "The tattoo machine buzz is a way to make an entrance and let everyone know we’re ready to party," Fiore explained to Elite Daily. And party they do! Even guests who've never gotten inked before often take a break from dancing to wander over to the artist's table and score a permanent memento of the night.

Fiore believes it's the power of the oh-so-special day that convinces guests to celebrate with a spur-of-the-moment tat. "It boils down to finding a lot of meaning in the day itself," Fiore says. "The gathering, the collection of people—they're feeling the love. If I'm going to get a tattoo once in my life, it's while I'm sharing this event with my friends and family."

And the most popular designs are oftentimes the most simple. Fiore's favorite is a lock and key—a serious crowdpleaser at The Wedding Tattooer's attended nuptials. "I've come full circle in finding beauty in the most simple of designs," said Fiore. "The most simple ones are home-run hitters at the event... I want it to be something that means something to every guest, and a personal keepsake to stay with them forever."

Hey, some bride and grooms give monogrammed water bottles as favors—others, hand out tattoos!

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