The Ultimate Maid of Honor Wedding Checklist

Make sure you have ev-er-y-thing on this list when the big day arrives

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Calling all maids of honors! You've said yes already, but taking on the role of MoH is no small feat. Over the past—or in the next—few months you’ve been drafted for all kinds of duties. From attending dress fittings to planning an unforgettable bachelorette party, you’ve ticked every box. And now comes the final part of this incredible experience—the wedding itself.

You can't wait! Before you pack your bags and hit the road, though, you need to make sure that you’ve got everything covered in terms of day-of supplies. The MoH title comes with its fair share of duties, in addition to last-minute problem-solving. We want to make sure you're 100 percent ready to take on anything. Thus, here’s our ultimate wedding checklist to get your day-of inventory started with the basics.

Pre-Wedding Must-Haves

Chamomile Tea

More than 90 percent of brides get a surge of nerves on their wedding day or the night before, according to a survey from Fear Course. Should the bride need more than words of wisdom to calm her fears, prepare her a warm cup of tea. Research suggests that chamomile could help to curb anxious feelings.

Fashion Favorites

It’s quite possibly the biggest style moment of your friend’s life. To ensure that everybody looks utterly fabulous, have some fashion essentials, such as a sewing kit and a lint roller. You may also want to include fashion tape, clips, and safety pins too—as well as beauty supplies like extra makeup, bobby pins, and a mini hairbrush.


The morning of the wedding is sure to be hectic. While you might have a breakfast planned, it doesn’t hurt to pack some snacks in your overnight bag. Choose foods with slow-release energy—such as oat bars and fruit—that you can share with the bridal party when anybody gets a little peckish or needs an energy boost.

Phone Chargers

Love it or hate it, our smartphones are now a central part of any occasion. Get your hands on some spare phone chargers (battery-operated portable ones are even better!) so that if someone’s device starts to run out of juice, no one goes into a frenzied panic.

Bottled Water

Sure, it may not be the most exciting of additions, but staying hydrated is a baseline requirement. In the whirlwind of getting ready, you don’t want any of the bridal party getting dehydrated and passing out. Pop a few bottles in the mini fridge early on, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Tampons, Scissors, Eye Drops, & First Aid Kit

It’s your duty to think of every possible scenario and prepare for it. That means packing the go-to emergency essentials, such as tampons, scissors, eye drops, and a first aid kit. Having these things on hand could turn out to be a lifesaver.

Celebratory Surprises

Bottle of Bubbly

Let’s not forget that this is a celebration! Consider ways in which you could make the wedding morning extra special. Why not bring a bottle of bubbly and orange juice to make mimosas? Top them off with fresh strawberries to make them extra pretty!

Bride and Bridesmaid Gifts

Fancy putting a smile on everyone’s face? You could treat the bride and your fellow bridesmaids to a small gift. You don’t have to go all out; it’s the gesture that counts here. For example, a small box of chocolates might be the ideal sweet present for these special ladies.

Mini Speakers

Whether you’re getting ready in a hotel room or the bride’s home, put everyone in the mood for a party by bringing along some Bluetooth mini speakers. Any bridesmaid can play DJ by connecting them to her smartphone. Or you could make a special "getting ready" Spotify playlist to have as background music.

The Wedding Essentials

The Wedding Itinerary

As maid of honor, organization is hopefully your strong suit. Before the big day arrives, make sure that you print off the itinerary (or invitation, if it’s detailed!). You need to know what’s happening and when, so keep the list on you at all times.


Weddings are emotional affairs. There’s a decent chance that you, the other bridesmaids, and some of the guests will cry—and cry hard. Having some tissues tucked away in your handbag is a sensible move.

Your Speech

You’ve practiced it a thousand times at home but you mustn’t rely on memory alone. Whether you’ve penned it yourself or had some help along the way, the speech is the most important part of your MoH duties. Keep a copy—or even two—in your bag.

The Bridal Party’s Contact Details

You might not know everyone in the bridal party personally, especially if another bridesmaid is new to the group or a relative you’ve never met before. Still, get every single person’s contact details just in case you—or the bride!—needs to speak to her at any point.

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Mints or Mouth Spray

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Someone—whether it’s the father of the bride, a nervous guest, or the bride herself—may ask you for a mint. (When people get stressed out, they worry about the tiniest things—like their breath smelling bad.) Toss some mints or mouth spray in your bag and be ready for this request ahead of time. You'll be the MoH MVP when you come through with the, "As a matter of fact, I do..."

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