The Top 10 First Dance Songs According to Spotify

Don't pick just ANY tune — pick one people actually like!

Updated 07/12/16

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

Some brides and grooms opt for a first dance song that is uniquely tailored to their love story. As adorable and thought-provoking as that may be, for some other couples, they just simply don't have a go-to love song to call their own. While there's no right or wrong first dance choice for your wedding, if you're struggling to pick a tune that'll blow all of your guests away we suggest taking a look at Spotify's recently released Top 50 First Dance Songs.

After analyzing thousands of playlists named 'first dance,' the music-streaming service found that Ed Sheehan's Thinking Out Loud came out on top as the most popular first dance song (in the entire world!). And with lyrics like, "When my hair's all but gone and my memory fades and the crowds don't remember my name...when my hands don't play the strings the same way, mm I know you will still love me the same" is that really that much of a surprise?! Before the most romantic song of our generation was released though, Etta James' 1960's hit At Last consistently topped the first dance charts.

Can you guess the rest of the top ten first dance tunes? Check them out below:

1. Ed Sheehan — Thinking Out Loud

2. Etta James — At Last

3. Ray LaMontagne — You Are The Best Thing

4. John Legend — All of Me

5. Christina Perri — A Thousand Years

6. Adele — Make You Feel My Love

7. Jason Mraz — I Won't Give Up

8. Michael Bublé — Everything

9. Jack Johnson — Better Together

10. Lonestar — Amazed

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And if you need a little more music inspo for your wedding reception, look no further than Spotify's Top 50 Wedding Reception Songs. Obviously Don't Stop Believin' by Journey is number one. Hey, ya can't mess with the classics, brides!

Here's the full Spotify list:

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