The Spice Girls Are Invited to the Royal Wedding, and Might Be Performing!

We desperately "Wannabe" there

Updated 02/27/18

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will reportedly be breaking tradition left and right at their upcoming royal wedding. From their banana wedding cake (the first of its kind at such a regal affair) to the speech the bride herself is supposedly delivering, this won't be your average royal wedding. Now, gossip is swirling that Harry and Meghan might be planning on spicing up their nuptials even more than expected—with a performance by the Spice Girls themselves! According to intel from Mel B herself, the Spice Girls might royally reunite for a mini-concert at Harry and Meghan's wedding reception. OMG! Raise your hand if you desperately "wannabe" there!

Scary Spice sat down with The Real this morning, dishing on the Spice Girls and all things royal wedding related. Turns out, all five former girl band members landed an invite to the wedding of the year. As if we weren't already jealous enough, it gets even better. Mel B admitted that the Spice Girls might be making a comeback with a performance at Harry and Markle's wedding, which naturally cued excited shrieks from the show's hosts. Thanking our lucky stars the nuptials will be televised, so hopefully we can watch the Spice Girls serenade the royal newlyweds from across the pond.

According to TMZ, the royal wedding is just the beginning—the Spice Girls will be back and better than ever after signing contracts for a string of concerts in the U.S. and U.K. this summer. Where can we get our tickets!?

This news comes just three weeks after the notorious Spice Girls Instagram reunion, where the girls made good on their "Friendship never ends" promise and posed for a posh pic featuring Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Scary, and yes, even Posh Spice. Emma Lee Bunton (Baby Spice) was the one to share the snapshot of the five friends, captioning it, "Great catch up with my girls! #bffs always."

"The future is looking spicy," she added, teasing the possibility of the Spice Girls reunion our '90s past selves have been dreaming of. Well, we told them what we want, what we really want, and it looks like our dreams have officially come true.

British tabloid The Sun previously reported that Geri Horner—that's Ginger Spice to you—was all for a reunion of her Britain-based pop group, as long as it was appropriately British in theme. Well, it doesn't get more epically English than the biggest British event of the year: the May 19th royal wedding! A source told The Sun that Horner had originally previously suggested reuniting at the highly publicized event.

“Geri suggested the royal wedding is a fantastic opportunity, and that they should offer to perform at the reception," said the insider. “She has been told that Meghan was a big fan of the Spice Girls." Meghan Markle, a Spice Girls fan?! If Meghan's messy bun didn't make her relatable, the image of her singing "Spice Up Your Life" into a hairbrush certainly does.

"The wedding fits in perfectly with Geri’s idea that the reunion should be very British," the source continued. "She sees it as a big part of their identity, and one they should keep."

Surprisingly, despite previous reports that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) was against the idea of performing again, it was actually supposedly Mel B who needed some coaxing. "Despite reports to the contrary, Victoria is now quite proud of the Spice Girls and their achievements. She feels strongly that if they reunite, they will have to perform," the insider explained. "Mel is not so sure she wants to go down that path and will need some persuasion if they are to sing together again." Looks like she finally caved, and we are here for it!

Since Queen Elizabeth most likely has to approve most major wedding decisions, perhaps this means she also enjoys a good "Spice Up Your Life" jam session just as much as the rest of us, which is totally valid. Now that the Spice Girls can "Say [They'll] Be There," this wedding is destined to go down in history.

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