The Signature Cocktails Real Couples Served at Their Reception

Take some inspiration from these couples' libations

Wedding cocktail

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Wine, beer, champagne...check! Most weddings are fully stocked with the bar basics needed for a festive celebration. But to kick it up a notch, signature cocktails are becoming a staple at receptions.

A signature cocktail can be anything from a classic favorite to a brand-new concoction with a special meaning or significance—but it almost always has a personal touch. Maybe your fiancé ordered an old-fashioned on your first date? Make that your wedding's signature offering. Or take inspiration from your first vacation together to Los Cabos, and see if your bartender can create a unique signature cocktail with mezcal or tequila.

If you're having trouble coming up with what to serve, you're in luck. Brides spoke with real couples to find out what they served at their wedding and why. Take some inspiration from these newlyweds' libations.

"We had a beer drink we named the O'Cajun, a nod to Ireland and New Orleans—two of our favorite places. We stole it from a bar in Ocean City, Maryland, that served Black and Purples, and it was Guinness and Abita Purple Haze." —Nicole and Chris

"Ours was the Scalitini. It was a cool cucumber martini for our hot July wedding day and a play on our last name." —Tanya and Luca

"We kept it simple and served Moscow mules and old-fashioneds." —Jenna and Stephen

"We served a bride's drink called Something Blue. It was Hypnotiq and champagne! His was a vanilla mule." —Jennifer and Tyler

"We served something called Jeffrey's Ginger. It was a Moscow mule with ginger beer—my husband's name is Jeffrey and I'm his ginger!" —Kerry and Jeff

"We didn't have a special name for it, but we served Arnold Palmers with a twist. We got married in South Carolina, so it was refreshing in the heat and delicious." —Christine and Jake

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"I love martinis, so we had a martini bar at our cocktail hour where people could make their own. So, we didn't really have a signature exactly—but that's my go-to drink, so in a way we did!" —Jacqueline and Michael

"We served Kentucky mules. It's like a Moscow mule but instead of vodka, we did whiskey. It didn't really have any significance to us—it just sounded good!" —Jaclyn and Matt

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