The Prettiest Fall Wedding Bouquets, Ever

The loveliest fall flowers you ever did see

Updated 11/07/17

Photo by D’Arcy Benincosa; Floral Design by Jolley's Gifts and Floral

Fall is quickly becoming the most popular time of the year to get married, and we certainly know why! Between the crisp weather and the fact that mother nature shows off big time during these months, a fall wedding pretty much plans itself (ok, it doesn’t, but it sure makes for excellent photo fodder!). There’s so much creativity to be had when throwing a fall wedding—from favors to flowers there’s a lot of seasonal and fun ideas out there.

For example, we love seeing people incorporate fresh fruits (and even veggies!) into their centerpieces. Take a tonal, rich-colored centerpiece and add in a couple of pomegranates and some deep purple grapes and you’ve pumped up the sophistication and seasonality—two birds, one stone! Another fun fall idea is leaving cozy throw blankets on everyone’s chairs, especially if your reception or ceremony is outside. And for favors, how about mugs filled with spiked apple cider? We’re not talking mugs with wedding dates or names emblazoned on them—try collecting pretty vintage mugs during your engagement and planning period for a more personalized approach.

As far as fall bouquets go, there’s no shortage of beautiful ideas out there to inspire. From incorporating fall foliage into your bouquet (it adds extra texture and just the right amount of an homage to the season you’re getting married in without being too on the nose), to ombré-ing your flowers subtly from a bright yellow to a deep burgundy, the possibilities are endless! So without further ado, here are some of our favorite fall bouquets!

Add in some touches of almost black.

Black can be fall-like, we promise! It adds some sexy (and unexpected) sophistication.

Burgundy and deep plum add moodiness to this lush bouquet.

Bride holding bouquet

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

Rusty tones mix perfectly with muted beiges and whites.

And we love how this florist even added in some dried adds texture and an unexpected ingredient!

Add some wispy, winding greens for extra romance.

Your fall bouquet doesn't have to be devoid of greenery in order to be seasonal!

Bridal bouquet

Photo by Judy Pak

Keep it simple.

Those monochromatic, muted orange sweet peas are just dreamy!

Mix fall foliage with greenery.

This loose bouquet incorporates both and even gets a little eclectic color-wise but still feels fallish.

Photo by The Great Romance

Go bold.

This beautiful rust and marigold colored bouquet is perfect for the modern (fall) bride! Who said orchids need to be reserved for warm weather?? Not us!

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