10 Years Later, What We Learned About Love from The Notebook

New Line Cinema/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Few chick flicks stand the test of time. The Notebook, however, is in another league. No matter how many times you watch it and cry your eyes out (that final scene will never be okay) it remains an exemplar of true love. Naturally, we're huge fans of love and, thus, huge fans of this movie. So when we found out today was the tenth anniversary of The Notebook's release, we had to take a look back at all of the invaluable lessons it taught us. Like Love Actually, we're taking a trip back in time ten years back and revisiting The Notebook's most note-worthy lessons and moments. Grab your tissues, girls!

Never Give Up: Noah never gives up on wooing Allie after falling for her at first sight (he even risks his life hanging from a Ferris Wheel just to score a date!). Noah also never gives up the hope that she'll one day return to him after they break up — he writes her one letter every day for a year and builds her dream house for her. Years later when Allie falls ill and can't even remember her husband, Noah never gives up on trying to make her remember their story by reading his notebook to her every. single. day.

Seize the Moment: If Noah and Allie's love story taught us anything about how to keep romance alive, it's to always be spontaneous. Case in point: when Noah tells Allie to lie down and watch the street lights change on their first date and then dances with her in the middle of the street or when the two of them take a boat ride and kiss in the rain after their reunion. This couple loves to live by each moment and embrace life — something all couples can learn from!

Write it Down: While living in the digital age makes journaling seem archaic, there's something so romantic about chronicling your love story. If you're not much of a writer, creating scrap books, countless photo albums, or even an online account of all of your adventures with your hubby-to-be will keep your story alive and exciting. Think of it like living in your very own romcom!

On that note, we'll leave you Rachel McAdams incredible audition tape. It's no wonder this movie made her and Ryan Gosling's career!

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