Here Is the Most Popular Wedding Date of 2018, According to Zola

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The once-popular summer wedding trend has officially been dethroned.

According to Zola, the most popular wedding season of 2018 is the fall! The wedding site gathered evidence that, for the first time ever, 40 percent of all weddings will take place during the months of September and October. Additionally, almost none of the top 10 wedding dates fall before August, that is, with the exception of one, single summer date.

The most popular wedding date of the year? October 20, 2018. (Is it circled on your calendar?)

Here are the top 10 wedding dates of 2018:

  1. Saturday, 10/20/2018
  2. Saturday, 8/18/2018
  3. Saturday, 10/13/2018
  4. Saturday, 9/29/2018

Sunday, 9/2/2018 (Labor Day weekend)

Saturday, 10/6/2018 (Columbus Day weekend)

While everyone apparently wants a perfect fall Saturday for their ceremony, it's not what brides-to-be should prioritize for their wedding budget.

As Jennifer Spector, Newlywed-at-Large for Zola, told Brides, "I don't recommend blowing your entire budget just to get married on the most popular Saturday night of the year. Be flexible with the date! If you're dying for a fabulous fall affair, you can save money with seasonal food and flowers, which are often less expensive. And, since it's the most popular time of the year, ask the venue if you can share any costs with the couple getting married right before or after you. For example, if you want uplighting for your Saturday night party, you can try to share that cost with the couple getting married on Sunday afternoon."

Additionally, Zola rounded up the most popular months for weddings in 2018, and surprisingly, September and October outrank both June and August. Those Pumpkin Spice Lattes have reeeeally gone to our heads.

Here are the most popular months for weddings in 2018:

September: 18% of weddings

October: 14% of weddings

June: 14% of weddings

August: 10% of weddings

May & July (tie): 9% of weddings

November: 6% of weddings

April: 6% of weddings

December: 5% of weddings

March: 4% of weddings

January & February (tie): 2% of weddings

"Fall has always been trendy, but this year we're really seeing this season surge in popularity," said Spector. "What's not to love? Fall has the best weather and bold color palettes. Fall also lends itself to a beautiful boho or rustic feel, plus it's the perfect season for a more formal affair if you're looking to go black tie."

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Spector adds that new brides should be open to all possibilities when trying to schedule a wedding during one of the more popular months.

"Your wedding venue is going to have a bigger impact than the date on the calendar," Spector says. "Also, if the venue that you really love is booked up for the next two years, you might want to move on. There are many locations that you can transform into your dream space, as opposed to having an extra long engagement."

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