The Home Edit's Top Tips for Instagram-Worthy Organization

Master that mess in style

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When it comes to organizing your space, Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit are not only experts (just take a look at all the hyperorganized stylish spaces on their Instagram for proof!), but have quite the impressive résumé. Gwyneth Paltrow's pantry, Lauren Conrad's office, Molly Sims's playroom...this powerhouse organizing duo has racked up quite a few celeb clients—and we can see why! Their signature Instagram-worthy color-coordinated spaces are aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed so their clients stay organized and don't regress into old (messy) habits.

With their first book coming out this week (Preorder it here!), we thought we'd pick Clea and Joanna's brains for their best tips for organizing your space, what to do when you move in with your partner, and how to tackle culling and curating your closet—without going crazy!

BRIDES: What are your three most important tips to those who are just starting to organize their home (in an Insta-worthy way)?


1. Don't feel like you need to conquer your entire home all at once. Instead, decide what you consider a high priority and go from there. We always say to start with a drawer. The faster you see your progress and how life-changing it can be, the more motivated you will be to move on to the next project.

2. The first step is to evaluate the space and eliminate the items you don’t want or need. It’s a lot easier to see the full scale of what you’re working with by removing every item and grouping them into categories on the floor or table in front of you. Only after you pare down can you decide on a functional storage system that fits your space and lifestyle.

3. Categorize your items with a labeling or color-coding (ROYGBIV) system. It’s aesthetically pleasing—and also the key to long-term maintenance. Since everything has a home, items are easier to find and will act as a guilt mechanism if you try to put something in the wrong spot.

BRIDES: What's the hardest part of the home to organize, and what's the best way to tackle it so that you don't get overwhelmed?

THE HOME EDIT: Closets can be hard because there tends to be an emotional aspect to getting rid of clothing. Rather than going through every item of clothing separately, start by grouping them in categories. It will help you see where you have unnecessary duplicates and decide which items are worthy of keeping.

BRIDES: When tackling the closet, what tips do you have for a streamlined system that's both practical and pretty?


1. Stackable shoe storage is a great way to optimize your closet shelves. You can double, or even triple, the number of shoes you’re able to store and keep them protected from dust and damage at the same time.

2. Use acrylic magazine holders to keep small and medium handbags upright and in their own compartment.

3. Purchase matching sets of space-saving or huggable hangers. It’s the easiest way to transform your closet. These hangers look more polished and you won’t have to worry about clothing slipping onto the floor.

4. Arrange your clothing by type, then color-coordinate that category. Lining up your shirts, pants, and dresses by color is a simple way to give your closet a polished look and makes items easier to find.

5. Create seasonal closet bins for summer and winter. Place one on a high shelf and one within reach, and rotate them as the weather changes.

BRIDES: If somebody had the budget to organize only one room in their house, what room would you suggest and why?

THE HOME EDIT: The kitchen—especially the pantry. It’s the heart of the home and a space that is used daily. Creating a functional system with storage solutions like canisters, turntables, and bins allows someone to access their items more easily and save money in the long run. You’d be surprised how quickly food can expire!

BRIDES: What about couples who are moving in together and dealing with merging their styles and belongings?


1. Each person should do a major purge ahead of time to get rid of items they no longer want or need. Our rule of thumb is you can have the item or you can have the space, but you can’t have both.

2. Before unpacking anything, map out a plan, room by room. Consider what will go inside each closet, cabinet, and drawer. It allows you to decide what storage solutions you will need ahead of time to accommodate the items that will live there.

3. Take advantage of vertical space by using over-the-door or hanging storage. A custom Elfa system (Shop them here at The Container Store!) is a great investment for couples who will be growing in the space together.

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