The Happiest Couples Do These 7 Things Every Day

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Every couple is different. While your perfect date night out might be a raucous night on the town, that could be a Netflix-loving couple's nightmare. And while your combined styles and tastes may be different, there is no denying that every couple is searching for the same thing: the key to happiness. Because #couplegoals is always a smiling partnership, right?

So no matter what you two are into, we recommend you take a look at these seven habits and acts that our experts say the happiest couples partake in daily. Read on to discover what these happy couples do to maintain their joy and keep their bond strong, according to experts Lesli Doares and Toni Coleman.

Meet the Expert

  • Lesli Doares is a marriage coach and author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage.
  • Toni Coleman is a psychotherapist and relationship coach.

1. Always Say "Hello" and "Goodbye"

According to Doares, research supports the idea that couples who have a ritual of greeting and leaving one another—whether that's when they first wake up or when they head off to work—have happier relationships. Why? "Because you are making a conscious effort to seek each other out," Doares says. "These times aren't taken for granted but intentionally acknowledged."

2. Touch Base Throughout the Day

Couples who keep in contact also keep one another's spirits up, says Coleman. "That means touching base throughout the day by phone, text, or email just to say "hi," tell one another you're thinking about the other, or check in about your plans for the evening," she says. "How nice it is to know we are a priority to our partner—even when we are apart."

3. Embrace Uninterrupted One-on-One Time

And not just for a few seconds. The happiest couples soak up quality time for no less than 15 minutes each day, Doares says. "When you are focused on each other for more than a few minutes, you get past informational exchanges and can engage in deeper conversations that create connection," she explains. "Making this time a priority that isn't competing with children, text messages, TV, or emails shows how important nurturing your relationship is."

4. Laugh Together

Happy couples get their giggle on whenever they can. Perhaps you spot something seriously funny on the sidewalk and snap a photo for your spouse, or you make a habit of sending one another corny jokes as a way to break up an otherwise boring day. "The point is, something makes you laugh and you want to share this with your partner," explains Coleman. "A shared sense of humor is an important part of relationship chemistry."

5. Compliment Each Other

The happiest couples make a habit of making one another feel good. Why? Because regular compliments will do more than give your love a confidence boost. "The time you spend identifying something positive your partner does keeps you learning about them and really noticing what they bring to your life," says Doares. "It keeps the negativity that is so destructive to relationships at bay. And, it also keeps you from taking those positives for granted."

6. Go to Bed at the Same Time

Finally, says Doares, "settling in together at the end of the day is a great way to increase intimacy—and not just sex. Your last words and thoughts will be with each other, and this can increase your sense of security with one another. And, yes, it will increase the chance of being physically intimate as well—and that is almost always good for your relationship."

7. Say "I Love You" in Their Partner's Love Language

There are many ways to make people feel loved, from quality time to buying gifts. The happiest couples understand their partner's love languages and speak them. "Some people like to hear words, others appreciate acts of service, while others need a hug or kiss to feel loved," says Doares. "Learning your partner's love language and speaking it daily leaves no doubt about how you each feel about the other. It also shows a willingness to go out of your comfort zone to let them know how you feel in a way they best understand."

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