The Best Way to Introduce Your Future In-Laws to Your Family

A successful first meeting between parents is all about making sure everyone is comfortable!

Updated 03/09/17

Aaron Delesie

Getting married is about more than just the two of you becoming a family. Your families are being joined together too! And if your parents haven’t met your fiancé’s parents yet, introducing the in-laws is a big pre-wedding “must do.” So what’s the best way to make this monumental occasion a little easier? We’ve got a few tips from our experts that will help you out.

A successful first meeting is all about making sure everyone is comfortable. If you’re all at ease, you’ll enjoy one another’s company so much more—and you’ll have a much higher chance of the in-laws hitting it off!

Start by picking some sort of activity to plan the first meeting around. A meal is usually your best bet, and for good reason! Since your in-laws haven’t met yet, the one thing you know they all have in common is the need to eat (and their love of the happy couple, of course!). Find a restaurant and cuisine that will make everyone happy. Something that’s nice (but not too fancy) is a good place to start; think about where you two might head for a casual date night. Be conscious of price points too. Unless one of your parents has offered to host, you can be sure there will be some haggling at the end of the meal or a race to see who can get their credit card down first, so pick a place that all parties involved can afford. You’ll also want a restaurant that’s lively but not too loud. A vibrant atmosphere will keep you all in high spirits, while a reasonable volume means your mom will be able to hear all those baby stories your future mother-in-law will be sharing!

Be prepared with a few conversation topics too. Do both of your dads have similar hobbies? Did your moms grow up playing the same sport? Is there a musician or author everyone loves? Common interests will help build a connection and get the conversation flowing. And of course a great menu is a fun thing to discuss! Avoid too much wedding talk, since this meeting is about more than just your big day—unless you sense a lull in the conversation, in which case, by all means fill everyone in on the newest details you’ve planned!

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