The Best Twitter Reactions to Last Night's Bachelor Finale

You'll laugh until you cry like Kendall

Updated 03/07/18

Paul Hebert/ABC via Getty Images

Let's be real: This season of The Bachelor has been a doozy. Arie is about as exciting as a saltine cracker and his decisions in the final episodes left us (unsurprisingly) disappointed. We're always rooting for true love, but when it comes at the price of another woman's heartbreak (on national TV, no less) is it worth it?

Yes, it made great television; yes, we tuned in to every moment; yes, Lauren and Arie look incredibly happy. And in the end, Becca gets a fresh batch of 25 men to fall in love with. So long as every one gets their well-deserved fairy-tale ending, we're on board.

Last night's "After the Final Rose" had some wild moments, and the audience in-studio and at home had some meme-worthy reactions. Scroll through below to see our favorite Twitter reactions—including words of wisdom from a few Bachelor alums!

And last, but absolutely not least, the Tweet that has had the whole Brides staff in tears all day:

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