The Best Time of Year to Get Married Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Spoiler: Air signs have their pick of the calendar when it comes to dates.

Updated 02/05/18

Elizabeth Cooney

You said “yes,” posted a tear-drenched show-off-the-ring photo on Instagram, and are now wishing maybe you hadn’t. It’s not the whole “I do” situation you regret, of course, (one hopes). Rather, you’re feeling remorse about telling the whole wide world you’re to be hitched, as the first question on the lips of everyone you know now seems to be, “When?”

When, indeed. Perhaps you always thought you’d be a summer bride, but the timing of your engagement didn’t work out optimally for a June wedding. Or maybe your venue is booked until the dead of winter, and you’re now stuck with an either/or situation, deciding between your dream setting and your dream dress (which is certainly not designed for freezing temps).

Ideally, what follows will help to guide you towards a date you can feel secure in choosing, though if you’re prone to nervous breakdowns around bridal decisions you should be warned that Astrologist Ambi Statham’s zodiac-based advice may also throw a wrench in your current plan. “My now husband had to delay proposing to me by three months due to a combination of Venus and Mercury retrogrades,” says Statham, by way of an example. “I caught wind of what he was up to and made sure to let him know it wasn’t a good time.”

As a general rule, the zodiac pro, Reiki master, sound healer, and life coach says that it’s “nice” for signs to marry in their zodiac month. “This is when the cosmic spotlight is shining firmly on them with the Sun blazing in their section of the zodiac,” she says, before issuing a warning.

“We astrologers do not advise marrying during Venus, Mars, or Mercury retrogrades, as these are the specific retrogrades which can most adversely impact marriage and weddings.” Venus, she explains, rules love and harmony, while Mars rules sex and energy and Mercury rules communication and the mind. “During a retrograde, the energies ruled by a planet are not functioning at their optimum level and that doesn’t plant the best cosmic seeds for a lasting union.”

Sounds ominous, but don’t despair—Statham will tell you when to get married below. Scroll through to get her specific-to-your-sign advice before sending your save-the-date.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

“Generally speaking, a fire sign will be seeking a powerful, fiery energy around them during their nuptials, so summer tends to be the best time for these signs to wed,” she says. “The sun is shining and the temperatures are warm, which suits their sunny and fiery dispositions.”

Aries “This sign is best suited to the start of summer, so June—perhaps a summer solstice wedding on the longest day of the year—would suit this dynamic sign,” Statham says.

Leo “Lucky Leo can combine the summer and Leo season and wed later in the summer, from late July through to late August,” Statham advises. “Whatever Leo does is sure to be a fun party, as this sign loves entertaining.”

Sagittarius “Sagittarius can opt for anytime during the summer months and enjoy the warmth of the fiery sun gracing their nuptials; however, being the zodiac traveler, they may also choose to wed during the winter so they can get away to an exotic location where temperatures are warm,” says Statham.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

“Spring and fall are the best times for these signs to wed,” she advises. “Any type of outdoor wedding with Mother Nature as a backdrop is the perfect setting for the earth signs.”

Taurus “Taurus may prefer spring, which is nearer to their birthday month,” she says.

Virgo & Capricorn “These signs could be better suited to autumn, and the later in autumn the better for Capricorn,” Statham suggests. “As these signs tend to seek grounding and balance, both the spring and fall equinoxes—which mark equal parts day and night—would both work well for them.”

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

“These sociable signs can enjoy a wedding at any time of the year, provided it’s full of socializing,” Statham says.

Gemini “Geminis may be drawn to a destination setting wherein they can maximize socializing and chatting with their guests over a few different events around their wedding week or weekend,” she suggests.

Libra “Libra is likely to opt for something more classic and glamorous, and an early fall wedding would probably suit this sign best,” says Statham. “As the zodiac’s most unpredictable sign, whatever Aquarius does is likely to have an unusual element to it—perhaps they drag their wedding guests on an eco-adventure wedding, for example.” No rules, she says, really apply to this sign (other than doing it their way).

Water: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

“Water is the theme for these signs whatever the season they choose,” says Statham.

Cancer “Cancer is likely to feel most at home during the summer, and a beachside wedding with their nearest and dearest would most suit this sign,” she says.

Pisces “Pisces will enjoy a wedding at any time of the year provided it is by a natural body of water, either the ocean, a lake, or a river,” recommends Statham. “However, marrying during their season, towards the end of winter, would suit Pisces best.”

Scorpio “Serious Scorpio would best suit a winter solstice wedding on the darkest day of the year,” she advises.

“Think a winter’s wedding at sunset by a beautiful lake. This private sign, she adds, may also enjoy wedding sans guests and then celebrating with loved ones afterwards.”

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