The 5 Most Adorable Airplane Proposals

You can't anticipate these things!

Updated 04/08/17

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Getting proposed to on a plane over 30,000 feet up in the sky sounds really romantic. But if the thought of saying "yes" among hundreds of passengers you don’t know, while flying with an airline that makes you now pay for snacks and baggage, doesn't seem like the ideal proposal scenario, we're here to change your mind.

You can’t always pick where the person you love will get down on one knee, but if he chooses to do it while you are surfing the clouds on a commercial airline, it may not be that bad.

Here, five true stories that prove plane proposals are ultraromantic.

Engaged to Wedding on One Flight

Getting engaged on an airplane is one thing, but getting engaged and married during one flight is another.

A couple flying to Athens suddenly went from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancés to husband and wife in just a few hours. Watch the proposal turn into a full-fledged wedding, with a very surprised bride.

The Joke Came True

In the case of this couple flying from Chicago to NYC, the joke of “one day I’m going to propose to you on a Delta flight” finally happened.

While the proposal was done in very cramped quarters, with many happy onlookers, the airline surprised all passengers with free champagne and the newly engaged couple with a free trip for their honeymoon.

A Rocky Airplane Proposal

Not every proposal goes smoothly, even ones that happen up in the air.

In this sky-high proposal video, you see a motion-sickness-struck man pop the question and then immediately hurl. While it’s not the most romantic, his girlfriend’s reaction is certainly a testament to true love.

On the Big Screen

How about a proposal that hacks its way into in-flight entertainment?

This crafty guy made a video proposal and, with the help of JetBlue, was able to get it to air on every single passenger’s TV. It’s the best surprise for all, especially because it’s much better than paying $5 to watch a movie.

Pilot Love

It’s not just passengers who propose on airplanes; sometimes the pilot does too.

In this video, the pilot updates everyone on the flight coordinates before saying something to one special woman on the plane. Beware, tears may come while watching this one.

Jen Glantz is the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and the author of the new book Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire). She frequently wears old bridesmaids' dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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