All the Details on The Bachelor 's Season 22 Engagement Ring

The one that, you know, Arie took back from Becca

Updated 03/06/18

Paul Hebert

It's the ring that launched a thousand angry tweets. Caution: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch last night's episode of The Bachelor.

Last night, the world watched in horror as Arie Luyendyk Jr. (who may have just dethroned Juan Pablo as the most hated Bachelor in history) proposed to finalist Becca Kurfin—only to call off his engagement to be with the season's runner-up, 25-year-old Lauren Burnham. But his indecisiveness came with a hefty price: the engagement ring he originally gifted Kurfin.

During the show's three-hour finale, the Season 22 Bachelor popped the question to 27-year-old finalist Kurfin and got down on one knee with a sickeningly stunning engagement ring by—who else?—jewelry designer Neil Lane. According to Us Weekly, the sparker was a nearly-four-carat platinum-set diamond ring, complete with a halo of diamonds surrounding the oval-cut center stone, an $80,000 price tag—and now also some hefty emotional baggage.

Depressingly, all the glitz and glamour of that ridiculous ring quickly faded away when the 36-year-old decided weeks into his engagement that he no longer wanted to be with his new fiancée (despite telling poor Kurfin, "I choose you today and I choose you every day”—awkward). After showing a montage of the couple's romantic weeks together following the engagement, the episode took a dark turn when it cut to scenes of Arie surprising stunned Kurfin with an on-screen breakup.

Apparently, after the race-car driver turned real estate agent broke off his original engagement, he immediately flew off to the runner-up’s hometown to beg her to take him back. The show has yet to reveal the fate of the new couple, but we can only hope there's at least a moderately happy outcome to this season—and some closure on that ring! We need to know what's to come for that supersized sparkler. Will Arie recycle it by giving it to Lauren?! (Girl, we know that ring is a beauty, but you seriously deserve better than that....)

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