My Friend is Doing My Wedding Hair and Makeup and Won't Let Me Pay. How Can I Thank Her?

Updated 04/21/16

Larissa Cleveland

While "friend-ors" (friends as wedding vendors) aren't always the best choice for your wedding (after all, why would you want your BFF stuck behind her camera instead of celebrating with you?), there are a few that, if your friend is crazy talented, are worth considering. One of those? A hair or makeup artist. Instead of missing your party, he or she is there with you before the madness begins, and gets to play a role in turning you into a bride. What's not to love?! But some super-talented friends might insist that you accept their services as a wedding gift — so thoughtful, but you've got to repay them somehow! Our experts have rounded up a few ways to thank a friend who is donating their services.

It all starts with a note. Whether it's on personal stationery or in a sweet card, a handwritten note to thank your friend for both offering his or her services and making you feel so special on your wedding day should be included, no matter how else you choose to thank them.

If you're doing a hair or makeup trial before the wedding, take your friend out for a meal or a drink once you're done (and to show off your new look!). Sure, you can chat a little bit about what you do and don't love — this is a great time to test that long-wear lipstick! — but be sure to jump from "bride" mode back into "friend" mode quickly!

On your wedding day, consider giving your friend a gift to thank them for all of their help and hard work. Be sure to pick out something really personal that you know they'll love (not something that matches the bridesmaids' gifts!), whether it's an accessory, a piece of jewelry, a gift certificate to their favorite spa, or another item they've been eyeing. Things to avoid? Gift certificates for products related to their profession. Sure, a makeup artist could always use new brushes or the hottest new blush, but this gift should be something for them to use themselves, not as part of their business. Wrap it beautifully, tuck in that card, and you're good to go!

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