7 Types of Texts All Married Couples Send

Updated 03/22/16

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Back in the day, you used to call them on their cell phone (late night when you needed their love), but now you're all about the text message. A girl's got to multitask, no? From keeping your S.O. up to date on the latest news to showing them your newest nail art, here are seven types of texts all married couples send. Tell us, can you relate?

1. The Bitmoji text

Because there's no better way to express just how hangry you are or give your partner a big virtual hug from afar, right? It's like emoticons on steroids! And the best part is you can create your own avatar and make it look exactly like you. Don't say we didn't warn you when you get addicted.

2. The, "I love you so much" text

It's like you can't help but send several a day just to let them know how much you love him (and vice versa). If anyone were to ever break into your phone and read your convos they might be kind of ovewhelmed at the amount of lovey-dovey texting going on.

3. The link to a funny article text

Sharing is caring! While it doesn't necessarily have to be a funny post per say, more often than not, that's what it winds up being. No matter what the context of the article is, it's something you know they'd appreciate or totally "get," and thus, you just had to copy paste that link, duh.

4. The meme text

When you're bored at work and feel like talking to your partner, a laugh out loud meme text is always a great go-to. Got a bad case of the Mondays? Say it with a meme! Want to tell them you think they're hot as Hansel? A funny meme is sure to get the point across! Memes are pretty much standard marriage-text material.

5. The random picture of your pet (or baby, or both!) text

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, particularly when it includes your cute fur babies, human ones, or both of them together. It doesn't even matter what they're doing — they could literally just be sitting there. If there's anyone else in the world that understands the deep love you have for those little boogers, it's your other half. You may or may not send several photos a day, oops! #sorrynotsorry

6. The selfie text

Hair done, nails done, everything fancy! Okay, maybe not always, but you get the point. Whether you're dressed to impress, trying to show off some sexy new lingerie, or are simply being lazy and cozy on the couch at home, sometimes you just gotta send your love a selfie to say what's up.

7. The what do you want for dinner text

Ugh, it's a constant debate almost every night. Typically, this text gets sent by one party earlier in the day and the other responds with, "I don't know, what do you want to eat?" — until someone finally figures it out eventually. The married dinner struggle is real, y'all!

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