The Real Story Behind Taylor Swift Crashing That Wedding

Updated 06/07/16

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Last weekend, Taylor Swift played a gig that was a little different than her regular sold-out concert stadiums. The superstar singer stopped by a New Jersey wedding to surprise the bride and groom and claimed wedding singer status when she grabbed the mic and performed one of her hit songs. Jealous? Yup, us too. But of course right after the cake was cut, the Internet trolls were out and about, spreading rumors that Swift's sweet gesture wasn't actually so sweet. But now the wedding's own DJ is officially setting the record straight about really went down on the big day.

As we previously reported, the groom's sister reached out to Swift, explaining how the groom was a longtime fan of the singer. In fact, when he wed his bride ahead of Saturday's big bash, tying the knot in the hospital room of the groom's dying mother so she could be a part of the special moment before she passed, the pair even shared a mother-son dance to Swift's hit "Blank Space" right there in the hospital. So what does T. Swift do? Surprise the bride and groom with a live performance of that emotional tune, of course! Amazing, right? Well, not everyone seems to think so — particularly those who believe Swift's appearance to be a calculated publicity move. But the newlyweds' wedding DJ is telling a different story, however.

"Taylor knew exactly why she was coming there," Michael Klebacher of Jersey Shore DJs shared with Billboard. "She knew that the groom, who's also in the military, is a superfan, and so is his wife. When his sister told this to Taylor, she was able to convey this," he continued, stressing how hearing Swift sing "Blank Space" was a "cathartic" experience for the newlyweds, after suffering the sad loss of the mother of the groom.

So does Taylor Swift really have the heart of a Disney princess? "There are already people all over the internet who are saying, 'Oh, this is such a cold and calculated move by Taylor for promotion,'" the DJ shared. "But nothing that I've seen would indicate that at all. I'm not seeing anything other than complete altruism."

"If I wasn't a Swiftie before this weekend, I am now," he said, noting he has some very jealous 'Swiftie' daughters back at home!

Beautiful, kind, and one heck of singer? How did Calvin Harris ever let her go?!

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