Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Allegedly Broke Up Because She Wanted to Get Married

Updated 06/02/16

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While everyone is busy stuffing their faces with cookie dough ice cream and listening to 1989 on repeat — mourning the loss of the relationship of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris — we're trying to get to the bottom of the reasons behind it because seriously, WHYYYY God Why?! Well, the alleged word on the street is that the couple broke up because Harris wasn't ready to get married.

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Before you get ready to egg the DJ's house for crushing our #Tayvin wedding dreams, let's review the damage and what led them to this point.

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The couple had been dating for 15 months, and kept their relationship mostly private, with the pop star only sharing with Vogue this April, "I'm in a magical relationship right now. And of course I want it to be ours, and low key — this is the one thing that's been mine about my personal life. I'm just taking things as they come." As it should be, Tay.

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Just a month after that chat, however, we get this devastating news, with sources sharing with Hollywood Life that "Taylor was starting to pressure Calvin into walking down the aisle and he just felt that he wasn't ready yet," It seems the DJ, 32, was focused on his career and not ready to settle down and take it to that next level (pun intended). DJ-ing Vegas pool parties is not for the married, that's for sure.

"He's still, and always will be career-focused and doesn't want to settle down just yet," the source reported to the site, noting "he envisioned getting married at 35-plus and wasn't comfortable talking about getting hitched after just a little over a year of dating." Focusing on your career is one thing, but some rumors from Life & Style were even alluding to the fact that the 26-year-old was in talks of planning a summer wedding with Harris (and already had her eye on a dress)!

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Being that the Pennsylvania-born singer is only 26, we find this breakup storyline a tad bit shady, but knowing her breakup history with men and the fact that she was recently a maid of honor, it isn't thaaat far-fetched to think that the marriage discussion came up (and was quickly shot down by her ex-beau). Hopefully there is truly no bad blood between the two (just song lyrics waiting to be written...). But, if you're Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, or Taylor Lautner, and now Calvin Harris, it's clear that dating a pop star comes with a lot of spotlight and pressure that some men just can't handle.

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There is one reason to celebrate — and that is the potential drop of Swift's next album! Come on, you know she'll be at the top of the charts in a matter of months over this serious heartbreak. We're assuming one of the songs will be appropriately be titled, "The Talk." Take a look down memory lane at their relationship, below. Pouring one out today for Tayvin.

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