These 14 Nail Designs are Perfect for a Summer Wedding

We scoured our good ol’ friend Instagram for our favorites that you can bring directly to your manicurist

Updated 05/31/17

Courtesy of Miss Pop Nails (Instagram)

We love some good nail designs, but it can be tricky to incorporate into a wedding day. Too subtle, and it's not really wedding-worthy. Too over-the-top, God forbid you overwhelm your dress or hair. But, on the other hand, there's something about adding a little extra personality to your wedding day look. A summer color palette is all about the brights, so why not swap your French wedding mani for something that'll pop?

See below for our fourteen light, summer-y picks that carefully balance the tightrope between the two—perfect for brides, or even guests of the wedding!

Glass and Crystal inspired

A little sparkle never hurt anybody! We're in love with the crystal nail art trend, and it's so pretty that it's actually entirely fitting for a glamorous summer wedding.

Be a Minimalist

Super sleek, clean, straight lines are our favorite way to dip a toe (pun intended) into nail art for a wedding day. If you don't want to go too crazy, just stick to white colors and nude, beige, or pink bases.

Foil Shine

We love how foil nail designs are meant to look slightly messy—in an effortless cool-girl way. The vibe is edgy, simple, and the perfect way to add some extra glitz.

Go Nude!

These barely-there designs kick a barely-there nude manicure up a notch. Nude tends to blend into the skin, so these extra details are great for emphasizing the nail. We love how soft a metallic stripe or leaf looks across the color.

Stripes and Checkers

SO much fun. We see the charming gingham nails as a righteous complement to a casual backyard or vineyard summer wedding.

Floral Fun

Nothing says summer like a bunch of flowers, right? Wear some whimsical daisies or leaves on your mani to really kick up the perfect weather vibe.

Pop of Color

Regardless of the wedding style or venue, these are still easy enough to blend in anywhere.

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