Come Fly With Me: Study Says 1 in 50 People Will Find Love on an Airplane

Love is (literally) in the air

Updated 09/04/18

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Catching a flight? You may just catch feelings too: A new study shows that 1 in 50 fliers will fall in love while flying on an airplane.

International bank HSBC conducted a study recently that interviewed 2,150 people from 141 countries about the potential of an aircraft meet-cute. As it turns out, the idea of falling in love with someone you share an armrest with isn't all that uncommon: 43 of those surveyed said that they had met “the one” while flying. The study also revealed that out of the 11.9 million people who travel by air everyday (on nearly 107,000 flights!), an average of two couples will meet and fall in love on each flight. So even if those people in the seats in front of you seem to be hitting it off, you and your seat neighbor still have a solid shot.

Not looking for romance? You can still find friendship up in the air, too. The study also stated that 47 percent of air travelers said they've had a conversation with someone in their seat, and 12 percent of fliers made a “lasting friendship” on a flight. Another 13 percent of travelers said that they have even made a “strong business connection" during air travel.

While it's refreshing to hear that there are some positive outcomes to those long security lines and cramped seats, flying is more likely to bring out the worst in travelers. According to the study, 3.1 million flight-related arguments break out every day—a good thing to remember next time you consider slamming your seat back.

So next time you jet off to your next adventure, remember to take out those ear buds, order that $8 glass of bottom-shelf wine and spark up a conversation with your neighbor—they just might be "the one."

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