Stacked Rings are the Newest Wedding Trend, and We are Obsessed With Them

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Who can't resist some extra sparkle on their finger? Stacked wedding rings have been dazzling their way into our hearts (and fingers) in recent years, increasingly appearing in the cases of jewelers and popping up on celebrity fingers, from Kate Bosworth to, more recently, Whitney Port. No longer a rarity, three rings (or four or five!) have become a full-on trend and a common way for women to make a unique statement.

One of the major appeals of stacked wedding rings is their flexibility and versatility. Depending on the woman's mood or style, an engagement ring can be worn as a standalone piece on the right hand, with the wedding bands on the actual ring finger, or they can all be layered for a powerful look.

Whether separate or together, the right mix of rings complements one another — and luckily, women have endless options to express their individuality. While some prefer a smooth and streamlined look with a uniform metal and gemstone, others opt for a mix of metals; if you like the colorful look of the latter, make sure the finishes are consistent for a touch of cohesiveness. You can also get playful with the size, choosing a big band surrounded by daintier ones, or work with different textures, such as pairing a pavé band with one made of a matte finish. Another popular option is to rock nesting bands, in which the band is molded to fit perfectly with the engagement ring, bringing the stacked look to a new level.

Our favorite swoon-worthy aspect about this trend is that you can add bands over the years to mark milestones such as anniversaries or motherhood — so your hubby always has the perfect gift in mind! Building up the collection is also great if you're tight on budget — you can start with a small band and add to it when the time is right.

Allow these sets to serve as your muse!

Bezel Diamond Ring Stack (shown above)

An assortment of shapes — princess, round, and pear — make no diamond feel left out; your finger will have a little bit of everything. (Bezel Diamond Rind Stack, $2,925, Brilliant Earth)

Photo: Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

With tiny diamond accents and delicate milgrain detailing, this dainty platinum set is fit for a princess. (Luxe Antique Eternity Diamond Ring Stack, $4,275, Brilliant Earth)

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

A rose gold solitaire ring with white gold and yellow gold nesting bands merge for a splash of color; you'll never have to worry about whether your other jewelry matches the metals of your rings. (Hazeline Suite No. 13, $9,250, Anna Sheffield)

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

This trilogy of bands, complete with a champagne diamond, adds a twist to a classic for a timeless look. (Rosette Suit No. 18, $4,275, Anna Sheffield)

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Rosette Suite No. 23

With a pear-shaped rainbow moonstone front and center, this set of fours dares to be different, playing up both shapes and finishes. (Rosette Suite No. 23, $5,850, Anna Sheffield)

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