A 33-Carat Diamond Tiara With Ties to Spanish Royalty Is Going on Auction

Your wedding day headpiece, found

Updated 09/14/18


Here's some great news if you want to channel Meghan Markle and rock a tiara to your upcoming wedding: A 33.5-carat diamond tiara with ties to Spanish royalty is going on auction. If you have money to burn, you could be the proud owner of a platinum tiara that once belonged to a noblewoman who served as a lady-in-waiting for Queen Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain, People reports. According to People, the sparkly headpiece was designed by Ansorena, the Spanish royal jeweler, and has been owned by the family of Chávarri Aldecoa, Countess of Villagonzalo, for more than a century.

Royal pedigree aside, it's also just really cool: According to Blouin Art Info, it features "Greek key motifs, forget-me-not flowers and trailing laurel leaves" made out of "single and rose-cut diamonds," and the bottom half can detach to be turned into a choker.

Naturally, this doesn't come cheap. Auction company Bonhams told People it expects the tiara to sell for between $103,000 and $160,000. “It is supremely elegant given its lace-like quality in platinum and diamonds,” Emily Barber, Bonhams's director of jewelry, told People. “The craftsmanship is extraordinary.”

This isn't the only aristocratic headgear that's up for grabs. According to People, a "geometric Art Deco" tiara that belonged to Viscountess Churchill is also going on sale with the one that belonged to the Countess of Villagonzalo. Like the Spanish tiara, it can be detached into different pieces of jewelry, including a necklace, bracelets, clips, and brooches.

“It is extremely rare to have not one but two tiaras with such interesting provenances," Barber told People. "They are not only fine examples of the respective jeweler’s art, but great survivors from an age of aristocratic glamour.”

Blouin Art Info reports that the auction for Chávarri Aldecoa's tiara will take place on September 26 in London, so start saving up.




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