Sophie Turner Just Offered More Clues About When Her Second Wedding Will Be

She and Joe Jonas are having another celebration after tying the knot in Vegas last month

Updated 05/25/19

Dia Dipasupil

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had one of the most surprising celebrity weddings of all time when they spontaneously tied the knot in a Vegas ceremony after the 2019 Billboard Awards. But as much as fans loved hearing about the spectacle of it all—the Elvis impersonator, the video footage from Diplo, the candy rings—the couple is still planning a more traditional celebration in France this summer—and Turner just offered a major clue about when exactly it might be.

Turner appeared on the British television program The Graham Norton Show this week and talked a bit about her spur-of-the-moment Vegas blowout. The host, Graham Norton, wondered if she and Jonas had specifically asked Diplo to be their official wedding videographer/social media person.

"We didn't choose him to be our wedding photographer," Turner said "He just kind of decided to live stream it."

Then, Norton asked if she was planning on having a big party soon, referring to the rumored celebration the couple had been planning in France before the Vegas wedding captured everyone's attention. Turner was somewhat evasive and just said, "Potentially." Norton then laughed and teased, "Oh no, is that a secret? Not anymore. I didn't sign anything. It's in France. 15th of July... I have no idea."

He was clearly joking, but that July 15 date seems to have landed in the ballpark of when the French festivities will be. Turner paused for a quick moment and then said with a smile, "That was a pretty good guess."

There have only been a few other clues about the second wedding celebration. We got a glimpse at the wedding invitations earlier this year, which were super elegant and suggested the whole thing is going to be a pretty classy get-together. However, Jonas threw most people for a loop when he revealed that he also wants the reception to involve rugby and contact sports. So it seems we're just going to have to wait until around July 15 to know more.

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