Sophie Turner's Engagement Ring from Joe Jonas Cost How Much? !

Here's how much Joe Jonas probably shelled out for his bride-to-be's bling

<p>Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas</p>

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Did Joe Jonas call upon the iron bank before buying his Game of Thrones bride's engagement ring? Sophie Turner may have just debuted her new engagement ring a few days ago, but people are already wondering just how much a sparkler that pretty might cost. Here's what the experts think.

Last weekend, Sansa Stark announced that she'll be officially House Jonas—shattering the the dreams of early-aughts ladies everywhere. Both the HBO actress and the former teen pop star broke their nuptial news via a pair of matching engagement ring selfies on Instagram. "I said yes," wrote Turner, captioning the photo of her and Jonas' clasped hands with her new engagement ring taking center stage. Jonas posted the same sweet snapshot to his own Instagram page, captioning the pic "She said yes."

The ring appears to be a pear-cut diamond on a double band that's studded with pavé stones, and, according to diamond experts, cost a pretty penny.

Time's Money spoke to three jewelry aficionados who all estimate that the ring cost—at the very least—tens of thousands of dollars. The first was a representative from Blue Nile, who muses that the center stone of Turner's ring seems to be two carats or more, which would cost between $20,000 to $30,000. Of course, that depends on the size and quality of the diamond, with an additional couple of thousand bucks tacked on depending on the possible weight of the stone.

Next up was Brilliant Earth's vice president of strategy and merchandising, Kathryn Money, who believes the ring to carry a 3.5-carat diamond "with a good cut," pricing it between $48,000 and $58,000.

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Mike Freed, the CEO of Diamond Pro, had the highest estimate of Turner's double-banded bling. "I've never seen the double band," Freed told Money of the sparkler's setting. "That was pretty interesting to me." He approximates that the ring is a whopping five (!) carats, costing Jonas—wait for it—$150,000. OMG.

Despite the wide range of ring estimates, one thing's definitely for sure: Jonas has done good! No matter the cost, that ring is a total winner.

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