6 Something Blue Ideas for the Modern Bride

Updated 10/29/15

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Not that you need a good luck charm on your wedding day, but because traditions are fun (especially wedding ones!), we say go ahead and bless yourself with something blue, brides. Or, you know, beg your mom to borrow that beautiful topaz ring and kill two birds with one ssix brilliant something blue ideas for the modern bride.

1. Lingerie

Shh, this one's just between you and him (okay, and whoever is helping you get ready too). While not every dress will work with lacey little lingerie, if yours does, slip into some chic blue skivvies to honor tradition on your wedding day. And if it doesn't, well, you can always say, "I do" to naughty navy lingerie for your wedding night.

2. Heirloom jewelry

"One of our brides recently paired a family heirloom topaz ring next to her wedding band for a beautiful modern ring stack with a vintage vibe," notes Los Angeles-based event planner Leslie Kaplan, owner of ENCORE. See if someone in your own family (or his) has blue jewelry you can borrow for the big day.

3. Shoes (think Carrie Bradshaw)

Because you can actually wear them again, duh! "A gorgeous pair of navy or even royal blue pumps are the perfect touch of blue and will only be seen if you want them to be," points out wedding planner Kelli Corn of Kelli Corn Weddings.

4. Transportation

Forget carrying or wearing something blue! Instead, ride off into the night with your new hubby in an old school blue car. Perfect for the bride throwing a vintage-inspired wedding.

5. Eye makeup

Calling all brown-eyed brides! We dare you to go blue on your big day...with your eye makeup that is. "For two recent brides I did a deep blue/denim shadow as their something blue and they both loved it," reveals Boston-based makeup artist Liz Fuller. "A lot of brides' blue items are something that is hidden, perhaps pinned underneath their dress or woven around the bouquet, but this is a beautiful, yet subtle, way to showcase your blue." Do a test run at your trial to see if you like the look first.

Other bright beauty ideas include a blue mani/pedi or blue mascara.

6. Signature drinks

Get the party started with cocktails using Blue Curacao or serve Blue Moon Beer at the bar, suggests Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner. You can also create a scrumptious blueberry dessert to be served after dinner. "Whatever edible blue item you choose, describe it with signage as your something blue so guests can be in on your selection too."

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