This Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring is Better Than Any Quidditch Cup

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Updated 12/21/16

If you consider your sweetie to be quite the catch, this is the engagement ring for them — and it's worth a whole 150 Quidditch points! Harry Potter nerds, listen up, because if you're planning to tell your love "Always" this holiday season and pop the question, you're going to want to do it with a Golden Snitch diamond ring. Yes, it exists. And it's freakin' gorgeous.

Between all of the Harry Potter-themed weddings, Marauder's Map proposals, and Wizarding World of Harry Potter engagement photo shoots we've seen, we feel safe in saying that the only thing Harry Potter fans love more than the franchise is, well, each other!

And luckily for those Muggles, they can now say "I do" with a bridal bauble inspired by the beloved series. The Golden Snitch engagement ring comes from Australia's Sapphire Studios — a Melbourne-based jewelry company that apparently can make all your popped-question dreams come true with just a swish and flick.

<p>Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring</p><br><br>
Courtesy of Sapphire Studios

The ring features a major nod to the series' Quidditch ball thanks to its half-carat round-cut center diamond, nestled between two side stones for the resulting snitch-like appearance. The bauble is available in rose gold, white gold, sterling silver, and yellow gold to suit any witch or wizard's personal style.

Best of all, you won't even need to take out a loan from Gringott's to afford this Harry Potter-themed bling. Prices for the Golden Snitch engagement ring start at around $400 USD and goes up about $900 depending on the quality of the gold. This is almost as good as scoring an acceptance letter to Hogwarts! (Almost...)

Oh, and if your honey isn't a particularly sporty person (chasing around balls on broomsticks isn't for everyone, you know), the jewelry brand also offers a Deathly Hallows ring that features a round-cut center stone surrounded by a divided triangle and sitting on a diamond-encrusted band. Trust us when we say that it's so beautiful, even Voldemort would crack a smile.

<p>Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Engagement Ring</p><br><br>
Courtesy of Sapphire Studios

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