One of Our Favorite Winter Wedding Ideas: S’mores Stations

Your guests will LOVE these sweet, melty treats

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Looking for winter wedding ideas? It’s a good plan to come up with ways to keep your guests warm and toasty as they celebrate with you on your big day. Besides heat lamps and blankets, one of our favorite winter wedding ideas is to set up a s’mores station at cocktail hour or the reception so guests can cozy up and enjoy the sweet treats.

If your venue has an outdoor fire pit or an open flame suitable for roasting, work with your caterer to set up a spread of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate (consider a variety of flavors for each). Alternatively, if a fire pit is not an option at your venue, skip the roaring fire and go the DIY route by setting up tabletop s’mores stations using sterno fuel cans.

Whatever you decide, be sure to set up chairs or benches — have a few blankets on hand, too — and encourage guests to gather ’round and get toasty.

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S’mores Signage
Let guests know that s’mores are in store by displaying fun signs at cocktail hour and at the reception. Place the signs in spots where guests will be sure to notice; then display another one at the fire pit alongside “s’mores kits” containing all the fixings including graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

S'mores Wedding Dessert Bar

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S’mores Bar
If you’re having an alfresco reception, set up an outdoor s’mores bar with a variety of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate (consider a variety of flavors for each), along with a galvanized tin pail of skewers and split logs to help add to the outdoorsy vibe.

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Fire Pit
If your venue has an outdoor fire pit, position several Adirondack chairs around the fire and display trays of s’mores kits that have already been packaged and are ready to go. At dusk, cue a roaring fire and the cozy times!

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Wood-Fired S’mores
If your caterer has access to a wood-fired oven, have them cap off dinner with a dessert course of roasted marshmallows and s’mores. Your guests will get a kick out of seeing their treat cooked on-site over the open flames.

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DIY S’mores Bar
If an outdoor fire pit or bonfire is not an option at your wedding venue, then DIY your own s’mores station by placing sterno fuel cans in a wood planter box that’s filled with rocks or pebbles.

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Make-Your-Own S’mores Station
Another DIY option: Turn wooden wine boxes and crates into s’mores stations with all the fixings and skewers so guests can roast their own.

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