Sisqo Performed the Thong Song at His Own Wedding And We Have a Lot Of Feelings About It

Let me see that... wedding video. 🎶

Updated 08/24/18

Kevin Winter/BET

Nothing says romance like the Thong Song—or rather, your husband performing the Thong Song for you at your wedding. One lucky bride (rapper Sisqo's wife, specifically) got a first hand display of that romance on her wedding night when her now-husband broke into song. And if you're like, "What, what, what?" We think we'll sing it again: Sisqo performed the Thong Song on his wedding night.

According to The Baltimore Sun, R&B singer tied the know with his long-time love and the mother of his children, Elizabeth Pham, on Friday in St. Paul, Minnesota. And while most couples struggle to create a playlist that all their guests will enjoy, Sisqo had no problem picking out the perfect track to get the crowd on their feet during the reception. The musician chose to perform his 1999 single “Thong Song,” according to Minneapolis reporter and anchor Delane Cleveland.

“It was fantastic,” tweeted Cleveland, who also went to high school with the singer.

The Baltimore Sun obtained a video of the performance, which was choreographed and was altered for an upbeat, club-like feel. But that wasn't the only show-stopping moment of the night: Sisqo and fellow members of R&B group Dru Hill sang their song “Beauty,” and later, the bride and her bridesmaids did a dance routine to a compilation of Beyoncé songs. Later in the evening, the bride and groom shared a romantic first dance to “Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet and Tamia.

“I initially sang ‘Thong Song’ about the first thong that I ever saw, so it was only right to sing it about the last one I will ever see... in private, that is,” Sisqo wrote in an email to The Baltimore Sun, with directions to “insert wink.”

In case you needed a refresher, we included the music video so you can move your butt, butt, butt. Good luck getting this song out of your head for the rest of the day.

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