19 Signs You Should Marry Your Partner

Hold tight and never let them go!

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You're head-over-heels, crazy in love with your S.O. and you're starting to wonder: are they the one? Should I marry them? Read on for the signs you should marry him or her. If you recognize your partner, it's definitely time to start pinning engagement rings!

1. They know your breakfast order by heart.

Your honey know what you like, whether it's a toasted whole wheat sesame bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese and freshly squeezed orange juice or just black coffee. He or she pays attention to the details of what you like.

2. They check in on the way home.

With a quick text, "Leaving the bar in 10 minutes. See you soon..." your S.O. lets you know that they're thinking of you and ready to be with their favorite person again. Your love isn't texting because they think you're paranoid, needy, or insecure, but because they respect you. Giving you a heads up prevents you from worrying about their safety or level of sobriety. And it reminds you that he or she realizes that the best part of the night is yet to come.

3. They call during the day just to check in.

Whether it's with a funny story to share or just simply wanting to see how work is going, your sweetie loves to connect by phone during the day. They often try to convince you to shut down early so you can spend time together.

4. They take care of you.

They'll grab you an Advil and a glass of water if you have a headache, hit the pharmacy for some tissues and cough meds and pick up chicken noodle soup when you have a bad head cold, and nudge you to see a doctor when you claim to be too busy to make an appointment.

5. They're great with kids.

You're pretty sure your S.O. could run a sports camp of some type. Kids flock to your partner and are eager to spend time with them. He or she is a great role model with an upbeat personality and enthusiasm that is infectious. There are huge grins on children's little faces when your S.O. is around.

6. They make time for you.

No matter how busy things get, your love never forgets to set aside consistent alone time with you. You're a priority, so he or she is not afraid to turn down plans with friends in favor of some QT with you.

7. They're responsive to each and every one of your calls and texts.

You know your partner will never go missing for multiple days in a row. He or she is reliable and won't stand you up when you have plans. There are no rain checks, no excuses, no consistent lateness.

8. They don't keep in touch with exes.

They know that once a relationship is over, there is no good that can come from staying in close contact, particularly once you are in the picture. There are no calls or texts from strange phone numbers. Not that you've ever felt the need to snoop.

9. They've helped you through a tough time.

Any relationship can appear on the road to marriage when it's fresh, shiny, and new. But it's in challenges and heartache where you really see what your relationship is made of. So if your partner has proven they can handle the bad times right along with the good, that's another one of the sure signs you should start thinking marriage.

10. On certain occasions, you receive heartfelt gifts accompanied by thoughtful greeting cards.

You're into birthdays and anniversaries, so your S.O. is happy to celebrate them with you. If your partner knows you're into writing, they'll get you a beautiful journal. He or she inserts humor into presents, too. For instance, if your love sings you your favorite song, they'll change the words to lyrics so they're about something you've recently been dishing about.

11. They're happy to be a homebody.

Instead of getting dressed up and spending a lot of money on a big night out, your partner is ecstatic to stay in and curl up on the couch with you to watch a movie and order takeout.

12. They don't run away during a fight.

Fact: all couples fight. But how they fight is what makes or breaks a relationship. If your partner stays open and present during a fight, rather than shutting down, it's a good sign they're a keeper. Even if they have to call a timeout and then return to the conversation, your S.O. is proving they're a grownup. What's not OK, on the other hand, is screaming, name-calling, or just plain leaving (the same goes for you, too!).

13. They're still regularly in touch with several childhood friends.

Your partner has proven that they can sustain relationships over the long term by investing the effort to stay in contact with old friends. He or she finds a way to connect with that neighbor from childhood or pal from the freshman dorm despite living in different cities and time zones.

14. They are exceptionally polite to service industry workers in general (AKA a good tipper!).

You know that if they care enough to treat total strangers with respect, then they would do that times ten for you, and everyone else they love.

15. They're mature.

Your S.O. is not one to get swept up in the crowd's momentum. If several friends are doing whiskey shots until 4 a.m., your partner is the one making sure the tab is paid and that everyone gets home safely.

16. They're your biggest fan.

When someone asks about you, your partner lights up and proudly describes someone that you're excited to be. Your S.O. celebrates your successes because they're someone who knows you inside and out and can appreciate both your struggles and achievements.

17. They say at least one thing every day that makes you crack up.

It's not always intentional sometimes! Your love definitely gets your sense of humor and loves to make you laugh.

18. They know how to handle you when you're in a bad mood.

Whether it's letting you rant for ten minutes straight while you go on about some incredibly selfish friend, or forcing you to go for a walk to blow off steam, your partner knows how to help you pull yourself out of a black mood. Your partner knows better than to start pressing buttons when you're in this state, but will always take your side, even if you're wrong.

19. They're secure enough to love your strengths

Your significant other supports and encourages your independence, which is what they love about you. Your partner respects your need to keep up your own friendships but is happy to join you when invited.

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