10 Signs You've Found "The One"

Abby Jiu

Finding your perfect wedding dress can be nearly as difficult as finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. From ball gowns to bias-cut numbers the options are endless. To help you narrow down the search, we rounded up 10 signs that you may have finally found the one.

1. You start using superlatives.

If you're suddenly inspired to describe your gown as "the most beautiful dress in the world", "the most stunning gown I've ever laid eyes on," or simply "the best dress," you've found your (other) soul mate.

2. You can suddenly picture walking down the aisle towards your future hubby.

Picturing your groom's awestruck reaction to your red carpet-worthy gown as you glide down the aisle? The hunt is over.

3. You begin to wonder where else you could possibly wear the gown.

Sporting your gown on a trip to the supermarket is totally normal, right?

4. All other clothing suddenly pales in comparison to it.

Even that uber-flattering vintage Chanel shift you found on sale is looking drab compared to the stunner you're rocking on now.

5. Someone in your group is tearing up, even if it's not you.

You may not be the type for overt displays of emotion, but chances are if your mother, sister, or best friend is sniffling, you've found your ideal match.

6. You're convinced your body has never looked better.

Whether it is a cinched mermaid dress that emphasizes your curves or a slim silk sheath that complements your athletic frame, Gisele has nothing on you when you're clad in this stunner.

7. Your gown may not be pink, but your face has taken on a rosy glow.

Remember your first date with your guy, and how you blushed furiously when compliments were involved? If your dress evokes the same blushing reaction, it may be your sartorial match made in heaven.

8. No one else's opinion matters.

Your perfect dress may turn you into a bit of a bridezilla, because if you adore it, your entourage better love it too.

9. The prospect of not wearing the dress on your big day is too much to bear.

Sure, the groom is important, but if you can't wear this gown? The wedding is officially off.

10. You feel like you're falling in love all over again.

If you're experiencing a coup de coeur like the one you felt when first falling for your groom, it's time to say yes to your dress.

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