15 Signs You're an Anti-Bride

Updated 01/20/15

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Some girls have been dreaming of their wedding day ever since they started playing with Barbies, and others, well, let's just say that throwing the big bash their friends and family expect of them is more like a huge to-do. It's not that they don't want to get married (trust us, they do!), it's just that planning a lavish party for a year plus and having all eyes laser focused on them is sort of their nightmare come true. Sound familiar? If so, here are 15 signs you're totally an anti-bride.

1. The thought of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a "dream wedding" you've never even really dreamed of actually makes you sick to your stomach.

2. You've been trying to convince your mom for months that, no, you do not in fact want a bridal shower.

3. You could deal with a bachelorette party, but you've already set the ground rules: No penis straws, wedding games, and absolutely no sashes or tiaras!

4. You've seriously considered not hiring a photographer simply because being in front of the camera is just so awkward.

5. If you even have bridesmaids, there's no way you're putting them in matching dresses.

6. You'll use any and every excuse in the book to get out of wedding planning; after all, making a guest list can wait, right?

7. Bringing a gaggle of girls to go wedding-dress shopping with you is so not your idea of a fun Saturday. Can't you just order a gown on the Internet or something?

8. You're all for writing your own vows, however, you're so not about to recite them in front of everyone you know.

9. Your answer for "How's the wedding planning going?" has become some sort of snarky response that makes your friends and family totally uncomfortable.

10. You're currently in the midst of planning a courthouse wedding and/or an elopement.

11. Bringing a wedding planner on board was quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to you. Now someone else can take the reigns!

12. The thought of walking down the aisle and being the center of attention the entire day makes you want to elope.

13. When someone asks you what your wedding theme is they're met with a blank stare. A wedding "theme"... seriously?

14. You laugh in the face of tradition (until your overbearing mom, dad, fiancé and/or in-laws insist otherwise).

15. If you absolutely must plan a wedding, it will be everything that a traditional wedding is not. Bring on the food trucks!

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